Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 01


This is how you design an original, shocking, and completely screwed up super natural/scifi high school slice of life story! The world? As it is today! The danger? That people may not be who they seem, and if they are not, they will eat you. Even if you aren’t human anymore either!

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte – the maxim-) starts us off right by having a husband eat his wife’s head for breakfast. No warning. No real explanation. We only get bits and pieces from what protagonist Shinichi Izumi thought was a dream and, later, through the conversations he has with his hand.


So what’s going on? Shinichi narrowly escapes being carved out by an alien parasite by tying off his arm with his headphone cord (his head phones preventing the parasite from entering his ear the normal way)


After a few weird moments the following day, where his hand appears to be up to its own business without his input, Shinichi learns that his hand now has an eyeball, talks to him, and can stop a speeding car. Stopping the car was good for the little girl it was about to flatten, but I imagine splat or save would have given him equal trauma.


Later, after the hand has read many books and improved its speaking skills, the situation is laid out between them: they’re gonna need to coexist or at least one of them will be dead and the other won’t have an arm anymore.

Also, lots of strange murders going down around Japan but that’s probably just a coincidence…


Parasyte is very well drawn, in that the characters are of average design and style, but the creepy hand monster is extraordinarily dynamic and fluidly animated. So far, we’ve only seen a short fight with an overrun dog but I’m sure, when the stakes are high enough, we’re in for an animated treat.

Hand is gross and funny and creepy and adorable all wrapped up in one. I found myself missing subtitles just because I wanted to see him stretch and waggle his eyeball stalks around.


Parasyte culminates in a showdown with another ‘failed’ alien (they only want to eat their host’s brains). Dog, as he is given no name, does not trust protagonist because, unlike all the other aliens, Shinichi is partially still human.

The fight is short and sweet and there’s nothing to complain about: a small dog sprouted organ-looking wings out of its face to chase a high schooler around a park. Unique!


I have no idea where this is going to be honest and I love it. I assume Shinichi’s family and 2 school friends will bite it or get infected or become his enemies, at least for an episode.

However, there’s no sense of the aliens’ goals, reasons, or what we’ll see beyond people getting eaten. You have my attention, Parasyte! (and my nightmares!)


Moving forward, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu reviews will be shared by Oigakkosan and MagicalChurlSukui.

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  1. I just got around to watching this, and holy shit, is it a lot of dark, disturbing, offbeat fun! For instance, notice BOTH Shinichi’s parents are alive and together in the household: that’s rare in anime. Of course, that’s a pretty minor kind of “offbeat” for a show with DOG FACE WINGS. Hirano Aya gives the alien/thing a great alien voice, and the often harsh and unrelenting electronic/dubstep soundtrack matches the odd mood perfectly. Can’t wait to review the next ep.

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