Hi Scoool! Seha Girls – 01


To be fair, this hot mess of a 10 minute anime mcoks Sega’s legacy hardware as much as it spends time reveling in that legacy’s games. Dial up modem jokes, blocky graphics, the 3 second Sega theme song is the school’s theme song and the fact that the dreamcast is kinda vapid, are worth a dull smirk. If you skin hasn’t melted off in horror first.

HSSG is painful to watch though and should never ever have been designed to run for 10 minutes. It’s just so empty of soul.


If you want to learn more about Sega’s hard ware history and some of the games that made it popular, ask your parents… or grandparents. If you want to live in the past and revel in Sega’s glory, go buy a console on eBay.

Whatever you do, just don’t watch this anime.


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