World Trigger – 01


It’s Astro Boy without the retro charm. It’s Power Rangers without colorful suits. It’s completely loveless, artistically feeble and a juvenile short-kid power fantasy. It’s World Trigger.

Here’s the gist:

wt10We don’t actually need to animate anything in the flashback, right? Nailed it!

Years ago, a dimensional gateway opened in the city and white armored monsters (that seem on par with a dinosaurs’ capabilities but are impervious to most earth weapons) came out and destroy all military attempts to stop them, some how. The monsters are called NEIGHBORS, because… reasons.


Then the day was saved by a secret organization known as the BORDER DEFENSE AGENCY. They’ve studied NEIGHBOR technology for years, some how, and swear to protect everyone. So they build a giant office building/fortress at the center of the city and everyone pretty much goes back to life as normal, i guess.


If World Trigger had a shred of self awareness or irony, it could actually be hilarious. However, it does not and it is not funny, pleasant to look at, grating to listen to, slow, uneventful and awkward.


It is as if World Trigger has gone out of its way to take a childlike view of the world. Teachers are mean and unreasonable. Bullies look like bullies and are funny when made to look silly. A hero should be totally moral to the point of idiocy. Also, short guys are really strong!


If you want to watch World Trigger, I can’t stop you. Be warned though, it’s not even bad enough to be funny. It’s just terrible.

“Trigger On!”

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4 thoughts on “World Trigger – 01”

  1. I just watched this series yesterday, and I find it funny that our views had some similarities. I also got a retro power rangers/ astro boy feel from this series, but I’m guessing nostalgia is what keeps my opinion slightly higher where I believe everything is bad in just the right places that it feels like a childhood show. Another thing I think that keeps my opinion slightly higher is that I enjoy having characters with more alof personalities that aren’t serious all the time. Anyways, I hope you find a few series you like this season. Seeing as you’re the one adventuring randomly between most of the series, I was hoping you would do a single article that ranks all of the episode 1s that you watch with maybe a 1 sentence reason on why you liked it or not

    1. no no you’re totally right! If I hadn’t just seen Fate/Stay Night, I could have found a little more love in me for World Trigger! It is absolutely a kid’s show and it hits all those notes perfectly.

      But I’m in my 30’s and I pretend and wanna pretend I’ve grown up since watching Voltron and Robotech on usa broadcast tv. (channel 45 I think?)

      As for the run down of ‘everything’ it’s funny you mention that because we were talking about this in the office. “What are my death flags?” what are the 10 things that tell me that I wont like a show over time?

      After we get to see all the premiers, maybe I’ll take a crack at one-lining all my rejections. #goodideas!

      1. I’m only in my 20s, but I hold nostalgia in high regard. Ive rewatched episodes of power rangers and TMNT and while some people think those shows haven’t aged well, i still think they’re just as awesome now.

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