Terra Formars – 02


Well, I was right: the show entered its element, as after thirty-eight days of milling around, flirting, and playing catch, on day thirty-nine all hell breaks loose aboard Annex One, as terraformars appear out of nowhere and start wrecking up the place (and the people). Now it makes sense why U-NASA recruited a guy who could hold his own against a bear in a Thai cage match!


But herein lies the catch, and it’s a pretty big one: this show wants to show a lot that the network censors won’t allow. As a result, so much of the dismemberment and gore is totally blacked out, you can barely tell what the heck’s going on, which kind of kills the intended intensity of those scenes. I’ve a strong constitution for television violence, and can’t help but feel like I’m not missing out on the creators’ vision.


As for the terraformars, they’re exceedingly dumb-looking. They manage to be terrifying anyway due to their size, strength, and inability to be brought down by huge guns, but they’d be a lot more terrifying if they didn’t have such goofy designs. For the record, I prefer Aliens to Predators, because the Aliens are just less humanoid in characteristics, and thus scarier to me. Ditto the briefly-seen aliens of Independence Day.


Still, once the bugs appear, things go downhill quickly, especially when they destory all the precious medicine required to fight them. It’s all very bloody and hopeless…and I reiterate: they’re not even on Mars yet! Meanwhile, back in Japan, U-NASA employee and JSADF Major Hiruma Shichisei, finds a researcher from the Bugs 2 Project tending bar in Saitama, seeking information he’ll use to “protect Japan.” Major, after seeing what those bugs can do, good luck – you’re going to need it.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Terra Formars – 02”

  1. I’d noticed the censorship in the first episode and, honestly, it was one of the many things that made that episode uglier than it had to. The character design and gray/mud color pallet doesn’t help either.

    this ones all your Hannah ;) good luck!

  2. While censor blocks were prevalent in this episode it does not take too much imagination on what atrocities the terraformars were wrecking on the hapless crew. (Guy with gun gets decapitated predator-style, I think, and his spine used to ‘decapitate’ his two fellow crew members)

    And while I’m squeamish on ultra-violence I agree that censoring them diminishes, somewhat, what the series is trying to convey: In space, don’t belittle a funny-looking humanoid monster design… for it might rip your head off.

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