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Karen Senki, the titular female hero of this post robo-pocalyptic show is a bad ass blond who can dodge lazor mini gun fire with ease — even when they are fired at her back when she is running in a straight line, from 5 feet away in her tiny mega-urban apartment!

This show is freakishly terrible.

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Set in a world where robots have risen up and killed everyone they deemed to be unworthy (including Karen’s kid sister), we’re treated or punished to constant action without context and red/brown hued visuals.

Sure, by fully 3D rendered show standards, it looks and moves decently enough but the action is all so ludicrous, we’re lucky it only runs for 10 minutes.

That’s right! Karen Senki is only 10 minutes long.

Picture 24Robot Hookers

Funny enough, for a show that is extremely simple, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. Karen seems to be fighting robots — even to the point that they just blast through the wall or rain bullets down on her at random moments of slow dialog, but I’m not really sure why?

Did she some how survive the cull? has she pissed them off enough after the cull that they want her dead now? WHY DO THE ROBOTS GROWN WHEN THEY GET SHOT??

Also, robot hookers!

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Honestly? I have no idea why so much effort was put into this show. It truly does look pretty good, when you compare it to other CG shows but pew pew pew ten minutes episode over is not enough.

Certainly not enough to care about the character if I don’t know what’s going on or how the flash backs play into anything. Good lord skip this one!

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