Sword Art Online II – 12


Last week was almost entirely Kirito and Sinon idle in the cave talking, and it seemed like they’d arrived at a plan. That was the planning, this week would be the execution, right? Hold on; we’ve got ten more minutes of exposition and re-planning in the cave before we see a lick of action. That’s a disappointing choice for the midpoint a show that’s had no shortage of them this season.


I get that asking for a prompt resolution to the Ballet of Bullets arc is something of an unreasonable demand, but the fact of the matter is, I’m just not into it anymore. It’s been dragged out too long and the urgency and momentum aren’t there. Even when we get to action, as we do in the Kirito/Death Gun/Dark Wind/Sinon battle, it’s all stuff we’ve seen before. Sniping is only so interesting an activity, as is dodging bullets and swinging a purple lightsaber around.


I’m glad Sinon is able to take out Dark Wind, gaining back her confidence in the process, and isn’t even particularly troubled when Death Gun takes out her scope. As for Asuna, I’m glad the show is trying to involve her somewhat, but this week all she did was move from ALO where she was watching Kirito on TV to the hospital where she watches him on TV.


The development of her part in this is molasses slow. One thing I did like was how Kirito will never remember Death Gun’s real name because he arrogantly refused to learn it in the first place. But it wasn’t a particularly confidence-inspiring episode going into the show’s second half. I never thought I’d be considering dropping SAO…but even my patience has limits.


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  1. damn…this season of SAO actually started of with promise…why did it decide to do a nosedive into mediocrity. What was up with the dialogue and writing this ep? Oh well. No one would blame you for dropping SAO at this point although curiosity about what the next arc may be about might keep you around a little longer. On a side note, to this day it pains me how much Asuna has fallen from grace. There is no reason why she couldnt be Kirito’s waifu and a total badass at the same time. Did Reki think he needed to sacrifice that to make Asuna “the perfect, obedient girlfriend?”. A girl/woman can be sweet. feminine, charming, and in love all the while being a badass at the same damn time. Why?

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