Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 11


GSN dash k roars into the final stretch with an episode so packed with charming content and humor that even Sabagebu would blush! I laughed, I smirked, and I appreciated that an end game plot seems to be coming together, which is kinda rare for this genre actually!

First the synopsis!


Nozaki tells Chiyo about the first time he met Ken-san. In typical Nozaki fashion, he was completely crazy and refused to get close enough to reach, gets ‘puma mom’ over potential changes to his manga (baby) and totally annoys Ken. However, it all turns around when Ken shows a clear knowledge of Nozaki’s cast. Then Nozaki gets a little too friendly…

Interesting note, even though this scene is being told to Chiyo by Nozaki, we see it from Ken-san’s perspective. I don’t know what to make of that decision — not sure if it’s meant to have meaning — but it piqued my curiosity.


While working on next month’s strip, Nozaki thinks aloud at Chiyo on ways to make the strip more exciting or memorable. In typical Nozaki fashion, his ideas are completely crazy. He proposes the characters have a typical day, featuring a helicopter rescue from a rock wall or everyone carrying knives. 

His final attempt is close, featuring many warm moments with the female lead always zoomed in but totally ruins it when he reveals she’s been riding her love’s shoulders all day long…

Nozaki wants to experiment, as he always does, and promises to show Chiyo something tomorrow.

“Excitement is hard” – a straight faced Nozaki

The follow school day, Chiyo sits down at her desk. Then she realizes she’s sitting on Nozaki’s back and freaks out! Then Nozaki does a magic trick and offer’s her flowers. This goes well until his hand falls off as part of the trick.

Then they have lunch together and Chiyo is surprised to receive a bento. Then surprised the bento only contains white rice. Then surprised and delighted that curry was hidden under the rice.


The day rolls on and Nozaki tries many things and, by the end of the day, Chiyo is on constant alert for wacky antics. So much so that she can’t enjoy their nice walk home together. She’s so flustered when they reach his bus stop that she shouts at him ‘Where’s the surprise??’ but Nozaki totally surprises her by saying he just wanted to walk with her. No ‘surprise’ needed.

Sadly, when Nozaki presents his new script to Ken-san, the delivery falls short of his real world experience and Ken politely rejects it.

Approaching storm metaphor!

Mikorin, Hori and Waka all end up at Nozaki’s to escape the rain and, even though they can all guess the others work on Nozaki’s manga, no one wants to admit it. In typical Nozaki fashion, he takes advantage of the situation and uses it to frame a sleep-over scenario for a future manga.

Hori notices and, being the only one who knows that Nozaki bases his characters on his friend has a mixture of curiosity and terror watching the night unfold. (special note on terror as Mikorin’s dialog is immediately turned into girl talk in Nozaki’s sketches)


The night wears down and the guys try to talk about some relationships. Hori and Mikorin immediately think about Chiyo and, knowing the time is right, ask Nozaki if he actually likes her. Unfortunately, Nozaki is asleep and the guys get into a rough house moment of excitement over bravado which poor Nozaki had wanted to see and take notes on all this time!

Dun dun duuuuunnnnn!


Goodness! Episode 11 was packed with development, relationships, a few reveals and an obvious set up for Nozaki and Chiyo to have a romantic showdown in the near future! Between the on coming storm and 2/3 of Nozaki’s boy friends now being curious (and making assumptions) a show down just seems unavoidable.

Will anything come of it? Will Waka/Lorelei or Hori/Kashima get some final screen time? Not likely but I greatly appreciate the show making the effort to get everyone set up. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out!


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  1. Kind of late mentioning this, but If you watch the flashbacks carefully, only the first flashback with the cellphones is from Nozaki. The flashback from Ken’s perspective happened when Ken was receiving Nozaki’s edits

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