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Being the audience this week is tough, because only we know it’s Seishuu’s last day on the island. No one, not even Naru, sees it coming from the way he acts on that last day, and maybe that’s the point. After helping Naru’s grandpa build a wall, he attends the village festival with Naru and Hina, and seems committed to not spoiling the little time he has left with them.


He does, in fact, try to tell everyone (everyone being Naru, Miwa, Tama, Naru, Hina, and Hiro), but it’s just when the awesome fireworks are about to begin. He can’t very well say it then, now can he? The reaction would be predictable, with Naru likely having a fit and running off, possibly into danger. All episode I was waiting for that kind of confrontation.


But nothing of the kind came; in the end, Seishuu chose not to mar another happy, fun day with the villagers that just happens to be his last. Instead, he lives that day to the fullest, and doesn’t so much as betray a hint that he’s out of there the next day. He disappears from the island as quickly as he appeared, but his absence is sure to lead to despair.


Part of me is afraid of the possibility that Seishuu always meant to leave suddenly ike this, like ripping a band-aid from a wound, and that his connection to the island was never as strong as it seemed; that he was merely here to figure out his calligraphy, and once he had, had no further reason to be there. For the record, I don’t think (or rather, don’t want to think) that’s true, but it’s hard not to think like that considering how suddenly he peaced out.


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  1. Okay, I’m gonna say it: this is the best show we watched this season. Most consistent, solidly original, charming, funny — it’s a fantastic bit of work.

    Nozaki? Can be funnier, but the Hori x Kashima threads drag it back and the story is much more predictable than this. less original too.

    ZnT? Engrish, 5 in general, and an overly predictable // unmysterous mystery by the end just drag what should have been crowned king down to jack or 10 status at best.

    A/Z? runner up for being solidly reliable, well drawn and executed but there’s no way a procedural gundam flick about high schoolers saving the world with a princess can bring the originality, drama and charm this does.

    Boom! I said it!

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