Zankyou no Terror – 09


Betray your brother, run away, or die with the girl he’s come to care for. The day Twelve had been dreading, when things go bad and he has to make an impossible choice, arrives much earlier than he probably hoped. With a ton of bombs strapped to her and not enough time to defuse them, Twelve ultimately makes a choice based on where he is there and then. Giving up the location doesn’t mean Nine’s certain death, just the destruction of their alliance (in all likelihood) and the jeopardizing of their grand scheme.


But with Lisa sitting there—covered with bombs, initially trembling with fear; but after comforting words, becomes calm and accepting of her impending death—there’s no choice. Twelve can’t let her die. If he could give his life to save hers, he probably would have, but that wasn’t one of the options Five gave him. I must say, Five really did make good use of Lisa, and I’m alternating between the great risk she took and the reality that Twelve had already demonstrated to her that he would do anything to protect her, even sell out Nine.


But despite being fairly certain, as Five was, that Twelve and Lisa weren’t going to blow up, did nothing to deflate the raw, horrifying, virtuoso tension of that Ferris Wheel scene. Yes, Ferris Wheels are a goofily poetic place to stage such a scene—as they’re supposed to be a place where joy is experienced, rather than despair (Deadman Wonderland FTW)—but the music sells the shit out of it, as does the animation of the characters’ faces. Not to mention, with two episodes left, it’s not impossible for them to die now—just highly unlikely. I’m glad they didn’t.


This episode’s awesome continues as Shibazaki and Hamura pay a visit to Aoki, one of the researchers who participated in Project Athena, in which human pharmacological experimentation was performed on 26 numbered orphan test subjects, with the goal of synthesizing an artificial “savant syndrome”; an exercise in eugenics that went far beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. Aoki gives a weak “Befehl ist Befehl” defense, but he knows he’s a monster; in fact, he’s glad someone came so he could make his confession before he died.


What brings everything together isn’t just that Shibazaki is now aware of Twelve and Nine’s past, and that they have a very good reason to be pissed off; nor is it merely the fact that Twelve and Nine didn’t steal plutonium, but an experimental and probably highly destructive nuclear weapon. No, it’s that the one who gave Aoki his marching orders to poke and prod helpless kids to death, was none other than the politician who Shibazaki came so very close to bagging before he was demoted for peering to deeply into the abyss.


Shibazaki can add thus add this to his heavy satchel of regrets: all those years ago, he might’ve had an opportunity, however small, to expose and put an end to Athena, had he rejected his demotion, gone rogue, and continued his investigation outside the law, as he is doing now. How far will he go this time? How far will the powers that be let him? It’s also implied from talk of “being out of time” and Five collapsing, that the remaining three subjects wont live much longer, even if they put aside their troubles. Now I’m thinking maybe Lisa outlives everyone else.



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3 thoughts on “Zankyou no Terror – 09”

  1. I think I’m done with this show, or very close to it. The #kids’ backstory was telegraphed ages ago, 5 is an empty, pointlessly evil (and stupid) character and now 9 and 12 are suddenly falling apart with but 1 situation/episode of build up.

    ZnT is playing convenience over thoughtful and over reliant on the under dog card. In the same way that SAO2 is emotionally cheap these choices are just not satisfying. Adding 5 to the plot the worst possible decision they could have made…

    1. for the record, the episode deserves an 8, minimum. It’s well executed, pretty, and exciting. I just HHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEE 5.

      For comparison, Aldnoah, which is entirely procedural, baited us with shallow stupid villains, only to reveal that they have complexity under their bluster. It’s that reveal — that TIMELY reveal — that ZnT lacks.

      Maybe we learn something interesting about 5 in the final episode but that’s too late for me. She’s just been a spoiled child villain (Like Chaika’s terrible final arc villains last season) and that’s dull as beans to me. Way beneath the show at least.

      Coupled with the Engrish, which is just horribly distracting, this is totally off me top pics list — something which the first 4 eps made me think it could belong on. Ho hum right? plenty of other good stuff this season :)

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