Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 10

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Seo and Waka go on a movie date but Waka is blissfully unaware of his own feelings of love for Seo. 

The movie is laughably terrible, of course, and Seo semi-tortures Waka all the way through by stealing his arm wrest and eating his popcorn and not actually having payed attention during the movie and thus has nothing sane to say about it afterwards.

Nozaki benefits greatly from Waka’s retelling of the date, but shuts down Chiyo, who doesn’t realize which people he’s drawing character stories from, suggests the dates should continue and get deeper.

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Meanwhile, Kashima freaks out because she can not sing and Hori wants to do a musical theatre piece. With great effort, she convinces Seo to take her own and teach her to at least be a terrible singer. (as opposed to her black and white film drama inducingly terrible level of singing now)

By the end, she’s still terrible but, through a misunderstanding, Waka believes Seo is the bad singer and feels sorry for her.

Tragic Waka!

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On stage, Kashima and Hori have a great sword-fight show down but the theatre club doesn’t think they are a good fit for the dueling roles. First Nozaki (who wrote the play) tries to help out but he’s a useless actor and ultimately decides to wear a bear suit during the fight scene.

However silly and useless Nozaki turns out to be, Kashima picks up on Chiyo’s admiration for the big oaf and we can see things unfolding for Chiyo in the near future…

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Deciding Nozaki is no good, Mikorin is enlisted and does very well in the role. (Even Kashima knows how to manipulate him easily) 

However, Kashima is less happy when she realizes Hori is cheering Mikorin on more than he is her. For an instant she fears the two may be a couple she didn’t know about but quickly realizes Hori isn’t even saying Mikorin’s name correctly and as quickly banishes the thought.

Meanwhile, Hori has figured out Mikorin is Nozaki’s female protagonist, which he thinks is awesomely funny and everyone is only a few steps away from figuring out what everyone else wants and thinks and who they actually like. Maybe.

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GSN-k 10 is all about people starting to figuring things out, even if the things they figure out are about other people’s relationships and not their own. Kashima knows Chiyo likes Nozaki and that Nozaki doesn’t know it; Chiyo and Nozaki known Kashima has a thing for Hori; Nozaki knows Waka likes Seo but doesn’t know it, and Hori joins Chiyo as the only people who know Nozaki’s characters are gender flopped versions of people around school.

None of this helps their immediate relationships, certainly. However, it will only take one slip up — one verbalized observation — and the pieces could start falling into place…

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That said, we still have no idea what Nozaki wants or thinks, truly. (Nor Hori, honestly) Since he and Chiyo are the central cast, that’s a bit perplexing if you consider how few episodes are left in this season.

Could there be another season in the works? Sure… but I’m not sure I’d be up for it no matter how funny and much I’ve enjoyed the characters this time around. Other good shows that went know where in a season only to be terrible and not funny in their second seasons have my guard up on that front! (I’m looking at you season 2 of Working!!)

For now? Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 10”

  1. No need to worry about the quality of a second season! The GSN-k manga is still running and the anime adaptation has been picking and choosing chapters from the first two thirds or so. The manga has if anything gotten funnier as it goes, there’s some really funny early chapters they skipped and loads of great stuff in the later chapters. (Backstory chapters like Nozaki and Sakura’s first meeting and what’s up with Nozaki’s family! The boys playing an otome game! The main cast going to the beach! More recurring minor characters! Tiny, tantalizing hints of actual progress for the three “couples”!)

    There’s probably enough material right now for a second season, though it’d be a bit weaker and not as well-paced since they’ve used most of the best chapters. By the time a second season actually went into production there’d no doubt be more than enough material to work with, though.

    That said, it would definitely just be more of the (very funny) same. They may decide to go with a different ending for the anime to wrap things up a bit and leave it at that. The manga is worth reading in any case.

    1. I look forward to more stuff but I’m glad they’ve been choosey so far. It feels much more focused and actually maybe getting somewhere compared to, say, School Rumble.

      I’ll see if I can dig out the manga — thanks for the heads up!

      1. The manga hasn’t been licensed for localization yet so unless you can read Japanese you’re stuck with scanlations. The scanlations are decent quality and up to date through the current chapter, at least.

        You may also enjoy Ore-sama Teacher, the other currently-running series by the same author. Whereas GSN-k is a shounen comedy about shoujo manga, Ore-sama Teacher is… basically a shoujo comedy with the plotline of a shounen fighting manga. The main heroine reminds me of a cross between Seo and Mikorin, and the cast of characters would seem like a reverse-harem setup if not for the heroine being awkward, oblivious, and too busy getting in fights. Overall I think GSN-k is better, but I enjoyed both.

        The author has a couple older manga as well, but I haven’t read them since from what I hear they’re probably the inspiration for many of the jokes about the quality of Nozaki’s manga.

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