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There are only a few cases in entertainment where watching people watching something within the show is tolerable. MST3k is certainly one of them. SAOII is not. There’s something a bit silly about Asuna, Yui, Rika, Suguha, Keiko, and…er…what’s-his-name watching the BoB from within ALO. Why lie in bed alone when you could get together in the real world and watch in person?


In any case, these scenes were part of a larger over-arching problem with this episode: it lagged. I was a little more tolerant of the pace when things were still building up, and I realize this arc will probably be over in three episode’s time, but the stalling was a bit too over-apparent here, and there wasn’t really anything we haven’t seen before (Kirito’s bullet-dodging is kind of one-note, for example). At this late stage, I was left wanting.


Worse still, despite how little happened in this episode, it has the audacity to end on a cliffhanger, with Sinon being paralyzed by Death Gun (who has more super powers than a State Farm agent) and is about to be shot (and killed for real) when the ep cuts to credits. This means Sinon is either dead (doubtful) or has become yet another damsel in distress for Kirito to swoop in and save.


There are other possibilities (another player could save her), but it’s frustrating how much being around Kirito has sapped her of her agency. He’s pawing her constantly and calling all the shots. The fact that Death Gun’s Death Gun (which is the same kind she used to kill as a child) turns her into a basketcase doesn’t help matters.


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  1. I came out of this episode expecting a heated argument at the office. It was obnoxiously trite, lazy and above all else cheap. Thankfully, we all see to agree here.

    Honestly, SAO2 was dead for me last week, when it was obvious that Death Gun would be able to dodge a super sniper bullet and kill the throw away character anyway. (thus dragging out the narrative). Worse, by killing the acrobatic throw away character instead of, say, the cowboy character we already know and may have a grain of empathy for, the show telegraphs its weak will and all but says: we know you know Sinon isn’t going to die but we’re going to make you wait a week to see how Kirito will rise above all expectation and have a plan within a plan and save the day.

    what a turd

  2. I do agree the whole _spectacle_ aspect of this was a bit overdrawn, it did serve the point of getting Asuna back into the story. I expect we will see more of her backing up Kirito in RL (please note, I have no knowledge of the LNs, so this is speculation).

    And yes, Kirito turning women into screaming damsels is one reason why I dropped SAO when it hit the ALO storyline. I was much happier in the first cour when it was him and Asuna against the world.


    Given what they’ve shown of Sinon, so far… and the cues given in this episode. I am hoping.


    That this trope will be subverted very quickly in next week’s episode.

    Remember, the Sinon avatar in GGO is not your average desperate character. I so loved her thoughts right before she got stunned:

    …”I’ll shoot him, defeat him. And forget him.”

    That ruthless character is still there, even after meeting Kirito.

    I’m hoping that, with shock of everything that happened in the last minute of this episode, Ms Ruthless Sniper will take action.

    Her life _is_ on the line, after all.

  3. Sinon will dodge the bullet. She can influence the system through shear power of will like Kirito can. I hate tired troupes and will be very angry if Kirito has to save her pretty ass.

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