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AZ delivers yet another action-packed, cinematic tour-de-force of an episode. After fighting with little but their wits and some luck, Inaho & Co. finally catch a break when the sorta-deserting Slaine tracks down the Princess and “Orange”, his nickname for Inaho’s trainer, and they finally have a decent weapon in his sleek Sky Carrier with which to do battle with their latest Martian foe.


I’m not going to mince words; Femieanne is not much of a character at all, but we can see how her sturm und drang routine would scare most humans into submission. Not Inaho; he continues to keep his cool and pinpoints all her weaknesses, such that by the time she stops playing around and getting serious about the fight, it’s too late. Meanwhile, Inaho, Yuki, Inko and Slaine buy valuable time for Magbaredge’s ship.


When a secret cave is revealed in the island’s rock face, the ship is steered in and collapses the opening. What they find is something even the Martians apparently didn’t know about: not only is the very red “demon” kataphrakt that Morito battled fifteen years ago, but an entire Aldnoah-powered hover-battleship, the reveal of which is suitably bad-ass in scale and intensity.


I can forgive Femieanne being a bit lame because of that and pretty much Inaho does this week, always carrying the expression that it’s, like, no biggie. He decides to put his trust in “Bat” and climbs aboard the carrier so he can gain more height in his fight with the enemy Kat. As I said, he determines the fingers and engines of Fem’s arms are weak points. But between his cool heroics and the battleship reveal, this wasn’t a bad romp at all.


After that battleship runs Fem over, leaving her a heap of twisted metal and red lights, it’s Rayet, piloting a Kat, who delivers the killing blow. Then Inaho does something unexpected but not out of character: he shoots Slaine down, calling him an enemy, and who can blame him? The humans will need the power of Aldnoah to defeat the Martians, and if Slaine aims to stop them for Asseylum’s sake, he is indeed the enemy.


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  1. AldNoah Zero continues to deliver summer blockbuster entertainment each week. About Inaho declaring that Slaine was his enemy, I actually had a couple interpretations of that scene. My first immediate interpretation was that since Inaho is aware that there are a group of Martians after the princess’ life, perhaps he wasnt so trusting of slaine because for all he knows, Slaine could have been an agent sent to finish off the assassination, which could be detrimental to any chance the terrans have of either making peace with the martians or fighting back.

    My second interpretation, and is the one that i gave further thought to, was the idea that Inaho might have actually had intentions of using the princess as a means to unlock the secrets of Aldnoah technology, and if slaine is to take the princess away, it would get in the way of Inaho’s plans regardless of whether slaine’s intentions are well intended. This kind of development would actually make Inaho seem a little devious and calculating, which we dont really know much about his character to put it past him. It’s clear the way by the way slaine reacted that he really thought he could be on good terms with the group of humans that had been looking after the princess. I dont think Inaho is going to be earning any good points with Asseylum once she finds out what he did.

    Oh and P.S; Inko is my favorite character of this entire series as of right now; her sense of humor in dire situations gives her such a charming demeanor. It’s nice to see Inko, Inaho, and Yuki fighting together like a family, which ironically makes sense because Inko is the closest to Inaho and Yuki having been his childhood friend.

  2. It was only a matter of time before things got Gundamish (for no better way of putting it), as implied in episode 6. Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s just that our Earth heroes really need an edge now if they’re to best the Martian invaders. I was expecting they would just find a prototype Kap with salvaged Martian tech, but instead they found an original Martian Kap, that was involved in the war fifteen years ago. But what really surprised me is that they also found an aerial battleship! Talk about such a find.

    It really surprised and pained me that Inaho and Slaine should become enemies, but where does that put Slaine now? Can he still be accepted back by the Vers? His situation has just gotten more complicated. If for some reason he does not get back in good graces with the Vers (perhaps through the machinations of Saazbaum) he should at least be rescued and treated as a POW by Inaho and the others.

  3. The show’s story is still holding strong, but in the hindsight, the way plot points are conveyed is becoming unbearably repetitive. As of yet, I’ve seen three clear “monster of the week” cycles, which basically copy-paste the same idea:
    An unbeatable mecha appears!
    Inaho thinks for a moment and realizes, that the enemy mecha has a painfully stupid vulnerability\design flaw.
    Proceeds to take it out without a drop of sweat.
    At first, I expected the main villain cast to be justified, understandable visionaries, but seeing them drops as flies makes me feel detached from the story. The last knight lady didn’t even say anything meaningful, we don’t know who she was or what her goals were in all this.

    1. honestly that seemed obvious from the beginning. I mean, back in Ep 1 I was waiting for Inaho to end up in a mech gifted to him by the princess. This is like a lot of modern entertainment (star trek’s reboot comes to mind) really really well produced, ‘acted’ and paced in an approachable way but… unoriginal and predictable.

      that’s kinda what it has to be for such broad base appeal though.

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