Zankyou no Terror – 05


Despite the seemingly random (to the public at large) destruction and disorder they’ve caused, Nine and Twelve’s activities as Sphinx have been highly controlled at every level. They’re not launching their attacks to kill or even hurt people. They’re sending messages Nine hopes Shibazaki will pick up on.


He does, but it leads him back to “old mistakes” and introduces the opportunity to make them all over again. But what neither Nine nor Shibazaki learn soon enough is that they’re no longer the only players on this board. The cat and mouse have been joined by another mouse, intent on stirring up shit and introducing chaos into what had thus far been a very orderly “courtship dance.”


That new mouse is Five, a distinctive-looking woman whom Nine remembers from his flashbacks to the facility. Nine never sees Five’s face or hears her voice in the present, but he knows it’s her, because of what goes down this week. Namely, she Ruins Everything: his latest terror plot ends up an even bigger, smokier mess than the one Lisa made in their kitchen.


Lisa was trying to make an honest effort to get Nine to no longer see her as useless, so she could stick around, as she has nowhere else to go. Nine is not happy to say the least that Twelve brought her home (I’m delighted, personally), but she’s too sick to be thrown out; even he’s not that heartless. But he does predict her getting tangled up with them can and will end badly.


It can’t be understated how disruptive a force Five truly was this week; not bad, considering we mostly see her painting her nails. She negates Sphinx’s use of cell carriers by causing a wholesale cell blackout. She baits Nine with a fake backdoor then hacks into his computer. After the bomb is allowed to go off, she sends a mass text saying “I found you.” It really shakes up the status quo nicely.


Meanwhile, Shibazaki has made the connection Nine wanted him to: the bombing targets were all big shots involved with the “Rising Peace Academy.” But targeting these people means he’ll have to investigate them, and they’re not the kind of people who want to be investigated, especially as some are cops themselves.


So Shibazaki is again in a situation where he can’t help digging too deep until he angers the wrong people. Both he and Sphinx have been outmaneuvered and their agency curtailed. And Five, the one responsible, is right there in the office with him, smiling away. Does Five want to catch and/or hurt Nine and Twelve, or “help” them? I’m just hoping she doesn’t turn out to be one-note chaotic evil.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Zankyou no Terror – 05”

  1. the dramatic use of their number-names is starting to get a little tired — a little trope-y. Great show and episode otherwise but yeah, 5 has as much chance of being interesting as she has in ruining the show.

  2. I agree. We need to see more of “5”. I hope the “painting the fingernails” thing is the limit of her cheese factor.

    I really want the series to start peeling back the history. What made 9 and 12 run, what happened to 5 when she didn’t escape with them and what are the factors that are driving the actions of what they are doing, today.

    It’s interesting to note the juxtaposition, here. This episode we see 9 and 5 plant a bomb, and do the best they can to _stopping it_. Yet 5, who is there to help the police (at least so we believe) _successfully stopped them from pulling it off_, injuring (but quite willing to KILL) many people.

    What’s with this psychic connection that 12 and 5 seem to have with each other. I’m done thinking that they were regular stress nightmares. Twelve knew 5 was coming. That’s what the nightmares were telling him. His massive migraine here was his mind telling her _she’s here!_.

    Last (and probably least after this episode): What the hell is up with Lisa? I liked her the first few eps out, but now she’s almost unwatchable!

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