Glasslip – 05


When Touko just happened to be passing by right as Kakeru caught Yanagi from falling, it had the potential to balloon into a long-standing, unpleasant misunderstanding; in other words, like pissing in my Cheerios. Reassuringly, Glasslip quickly and decisively cleared up that misunderstanding and moved on.


It did that through several means: Kakeru inviting Touko for dinner (sure, it’s his dad’s invitation, but something tells me it was for the couple’s benefit); Kakeru explaining exactly what happened with Yanagi (which makes perfect sense); and Yana telling him to tell Touko she’s going to confess to Yuki (something she couldn’t tell Touka herself).


There’s also the little matter of Kakeru showing Touko a special sun-dappled sylvan glade where they both lie in the grass on their backs. If a girl doesn’t interest you, you wouldn’t bring them to such a place. Touka, now very self-conscious about her feelings about him, resists the temptation to hold his hand, even though he’d most likely let her.


The sudden intimacy spooks Touko, who doesn’t even get to tell him about her latest “glasslip,” which again happens while she’s doing delicate glasswork (Be careful, girl!). Still, it’s good to see the right pairs of people together in this episode, like Hiro and Sachi, who continue their nice reading sessions.


Most impressive this week, though, was Yanagi’s courageous and straightforward confession to Yuki, which happens when he runs across the bridge where she’s waiting for him. Not only does Yanagi deliver the confession fully expecting him to reject her, but she even says she’d lose some respect for him if he gave up on Touko so quickly…even though that’s what she wants!


Rough roads still lie ahead, but if Yana indeed plans on moving forward from this point on, this is good progress, and she can now say she gave it a try. Yana and Yuki are now fully aware that both of them like someone who likes someone else, and whom they may have no shot at. But at present, Yana’s chances with Yuki are better than Yuki’s chances with Touko.


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.