Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: The Drinking Game


Few of our readers know this, but RABUJOI gets its name from a color-coded line of novelty beverages (Does not! -Ed.) RABUJOI 10, which is in a Dark Blue can, has been described as a divine mixture of chocolate and cherry, so light that it evaporates the second it hits the drinker’s tongue, leaving only a tantalizing kiss of flavor while RABUJOI Nahm’ba One! is rumored to contain spilled water from the Fukushima reactor mixed with vintage Tab cola. (Too Soon, Frank… -Ed.)

By contrast, RABUJOI 4’s Fizzy Mustard with a hint of pickle is not so bad. (yet not very good either!) So it is fitting that we pair it with this, a drinking game and primal way to survive the 20+ hours of the not-very-good Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam!

Read on…but beware!

1. Did a female character sacrifices herself so that an ally may fight on? Take a shot!

1a. Did a captain of a battleship sacrificed his entire crew for the sacrificing character no less than 10 minutes earlier? Take one shot per character seen on the bridge!

2. Did someone smack Kamille for being a jackass? Take a shot!

3. Did Kamille fall in love with another Cyber Newtype and choose to protect her despite signs she was bananas crazy and/or obviously out to kill him? Take a shot!

3a. Did Kamille ultimately kill her ‘tragically’? Take a shot!

4. Did Jerid lose another fight? Take a shot!

4a. Did Jerid, a trained adult soldier in his, get beaten in hand to hand combat by an untrained teenager? Take two additional shots!

4b. Was Jerid on crutches, still unhealed from the last fight? Take another shot!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: The Drinking Game”

  1. Oigakko-san:

    Let’s hope that RABUJOI 4 has a _really low_ proof, otherwise you might
    end up sending record numbers of people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning!

    Let’s also hope that proof is NOT ZERO, otherwise what would be the point of a drinking game?!


    1. Fortunately, despite the number of times you would have to drink during the show, it’s a LOOONNNNNNGGGGG show. (20+ hours?) So people should be fine unless the binge on the episodes too ;)

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