Aldnoah.Zero – 02


Vers landing castles have touched down in New Orleans, Maputo, Beijing and Tokyo, and even the defenses Earth has been preparing for fifteen years have absolutely no effect on their invaders. F-22s are swatted like flies and primative kataphrakts are sliced up like cold cuts. Count Cruhteo sends Sir Trillram to “retrieve” the Vers operatives who carried out the Asseyleum assassination, but that means killing them all so that no word gets out about the conspiracy.


One member of the group of what Trillram deems “rats” manages to escape his initial attack: Rayet Areash, whom the Kataphrakt forces consisting of Lt. Marito and Yuki mistake for a civilian. Yuki scoops her up and rendezvous with an evacuation vehicle with her brother Inaho and his friends aboard. Inaho, who had himself just recently been picked up, has with him two “foreigners” who we know to be Eddelrittuo and none other than Princess Asseylum in disguise; only her body double was the one killed in the motorcade assault.


While these four cities have all but fallen and all attempts to counterattack are futile, the Terrans aren’t done yet, as long as they refuse to give up. Even though they’re only students, Inaho, Inko & Co. are still called upon to help evacuate civilians from the battle zones. Even in the face of certain death, Lt. Morito and Yuki fight with everything they have to delay and hold back Trillram and allow the innocents to escape.


They do this unaware that right beside them sit not only one of those responsible for the plot that served as the justification for the Vers invasion, but Vers’ own discarded, peace-loving princess her group thought they offed. They’re not done yet, either: the ferry with the bulk of evacuees needs cover. Inaho & Co will pilot training kataphrakts with live ammo and do what they can, which may not be much against the might of the Vers invaders, but who knows: maybe those bastards’ arrogance will end up being their undoing. In any case, they’re not giving up quite yet.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Aldnoah.Zero – 02”

  1. The princess being alive was pretty obvious I think. (now she only needs to give one of the students a mech for my prediction to be complete)

    not complaining — this is in the top ten for looks this season and, obvious plot aside, it’s delivered well.

  2. Oh my soundtrack. Shades of Kill-la-Kill. I assume this is deliberate and is done by the same people.

    At any rate, Urobochi-san has pulled out all of the stops. So far, Aldnoah Zero has yet to disappoint. Here’s the Vers get a bloody nose soon.

    There’s nothing like sticking it to a severely OP enemy.

  3. Unless they’ll stumble upon a ‘gundam’ equivalent of a kataphrakt Earth’s stakes in winning the war looks dim. But a story that involves superior, unbeatable foes – a la War of the Worlds – greatly intrigues me, especially on how they’ll be able to fight back effectively.

    And is it just me, or did Inoha intentionally let go of his friend back there, or at least did not put much effort in saving him?

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