Mobile Suit Gundam IGLOO

example of IGLOO awfulness

This week’s Hot Summer Flashback is Mobile Suit Gundam IGLOO, the most recent companion tale to the One Year War. Unfortunately, IGLOO is not only jarringly out of aesthetic step with the greater Gundam line (it’s fully rendered CG) but it’s also poorly written. In some way’s the terrible dialog is fitting for a show that looks like the pre-rendered sequences from a PS2-era RPG, as evidenced by this little gem:

Officer A: “Captain they missed us because of the particles” 

Captain: “So! Particles…They missed us due to the particles we scattered” 

In short, even if we didn’t already know the outcome of the One Year War and hadn’t already seen it from 3 other points of view, IGLOO offers nothing to warrant watching it again. Let alone enough reason to watch IGLOO’s 2-sequel OAV series…


2 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam IGLOO”

  1. Eh, at least it’s better than that 0080 nonsense, and not AS stupid as that beautiful bimbo – 0083.

    Still, IgLoo 2 Gravity Front is probably the best UC content that was ever made, and story-wise is better than Unicorn (really ? the huuuge secret is the worthless prototype constitution ?).

    1. Well, as I said in the review, the retro 3D style is too jarring / unappealing for me to watch so, no matter how much better IGLOO 2 tells a story doesn’t matter, because it won’t be watched.

      Have to disagree on 0080, which has been one of my favorite all around packages of the franchise so far. It is dated, visually, but I subjectively feel that hand drawn animation holds up over time better than 3D rendered animation.

      As for 0083… well, that show had it’s flaws. I didn’t like either of the leads as much as the ‘villains’ and the double love story came out of nowhere at the end. Bimbo’s not how I’d describe her but stupid? Sure? Still enjoyed the show over all. In fact, much much more than MSZeta, which 0083 retroactively sets up.

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