Hitsugi no Chaika – 12 (Fin)


The bad guys Ricky, Layla, and Grad have a pretty firm hold on the situation at the beginning of this episode, and have the benefit of the commander of the opposing flying fortress being an absolute clod (“Advance! Fire!…Keep Firing!” Really?), but as battles rage both within and without the fortresses, that hold grows more and more tenuous as the good guys regroup and persevere.


But here’s the thing: at no point do the bad guys ever consider changing their course. They’ve chosen their purposes and paths in life, and they’re sticking with them, even if they lead death…which they ultimately do. This only represents the midpoint of Chaika’s journey, which I’m glad about, and not just because there’s a lot more remains to find, but because the Mad Trio worked far better as a midpoint villain than a final villain.


But while this wasn’t the end of the show, it was the end of a great many things. It was the end of Chaika being the helpless damsel-in-distress, as she takes it upon herself to take out Layla and rescue Tooru all by herself. When he protests he’s only her tool and she shouldn’t be saving him, she’s as upfront as she’s ever been to that point with her real feelings for him. They even almost get a kiss in before Akari and the others show up (they kissed a few moments previously, but it was more about the delivery of precious oxygen than romance).


It was also the end of the Mad Trio’s Big Scheme to plunge the world back into the chaos where they once thrived. They were undone by failing to realize that there are others just as determined, and even a little more capable than they are. Take Grad, who didn’t think the opposing commander would launch a suicide attack, even though that’s what Layla just suggested they do when they reach the city.


Layla too underestimated Chaika’s desire to escape and continue, in Layla’s words, being a tool of Gaz and his ilk. Layla cast away the purpose programmed into her and forged her own, and I can’t be entirely without sympathy considering the life she’s lived when it finally ends. As for the hellspawn Ricardo, whom she pledged the balance of her life? In the end he comes off as less a monster and more a sheltered, pitiable wretch.


Something else ends: the life of Alberic Gilette. It’s a very quick, almost unremarkable death, but it’s a death that happens when he too is absolutely determined to stop war, even if he has to do it with his bare hands. The way the scene is shot, it almost looks like Leonardo and not Alberic is going to be the one hit by the laser. When Vivi hears he’s gone, she transforms into a Chaika. I wasn’t expecting that!


That transformation holds a lot of promise come second season airs, because Vivi suddenly became something else. Frederica can change form and even molt into “Minifred”, but she stays Frederica. I’m not sure what the Vivi-Chaika will be like, but it looks like one more way in which Gaz and his followers set up a diverse array of tools. I also hope the budding romance between Chaika and Tooru is explored further (though I’m probably in the minority).


Until then, we leave a tool who knows she’s a tool but is going to keep tooling around anyhow, along with her tools who know they’re tools but she’s told them they’re more than that, along with the dragoon who still needs to kill Tooru, a Vivi who’s lost her love and her…Vivi-ness, and half a Gaz body—including his head!—left to find. It’s a full plate; one I look forward to scarfing down this October.


Final Cumulative Rating: 7.92
MAL Score: 7.62

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

6 thoughts on “Hitsugi no Chaika – 12 (Fin)”

  1. I dont think you’re alone in the toruxchaika ship; I buy their affection for each other. This finale was a good one in that it didnt feel like it tried to end with a bang but at the same time, it left enough of a twist where you want the second season to come as soon as possible…that’s that make any sense?

  2. Note that there are 2 Guys standing right behind Alberic just before the magic laser hits.
    There is still a possibility they saved him, although for what purpose, we’ll have to wait for Season 2.

  3. Nice Review..!! And a good ending for the 1st season of Hitsugi no Chaika.. Glad it ended with more surprises and Chaika rescuing Toru than vice-versa.. ^__^

  4. the Vivi transformation almost redeems the sloggy/ho-hum of team Gillette this season. I look forward to seeing where it goes now that they actually have a point …but will most def drop the show if Alberic returns. Good grief did find nothing interesting about his side story and character!

    1. In hindsight, maybe there’s a reason for that: It’s possible that all he was ever meant to be was the sacrificial catalyst that caused Vivi-Chaika’s awakening.

      1. if that were the case, it would have been nice to make him an interesting enough character for US to care about [his death]. As was, Alberic’s just a trope/non-character.

        Honestly, he could have been Vivi’s favorite pair of shoes with no plot beyond vivi liking those shoes so much that when they got dirty she went Chaika on us.

        And seriously, it would have been nice for Vivi to be a more interesting character herself. She’s just a pointless side character’s love interest until the end, which is why I barely cared about the transformation in its own right.

        Next season will have an uphill battle to stay on my watch list I think. (thank goodness you or zane have to review it regardless ;) )

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