2014 World Cup: “Jitaku iku katsu ka”


“自宅行く勝つか” is as close as we (with the help of Google) could get to saying “Win or go home”, which constitutes Japan’s remaining choices.

Beat Greece, and they’re still in Group C contention. Lose, and they’ll be eliminated (and we’ll only have one more post here commiserating their quick exit from the tournament, for those of you who don’t care about soccer).

The match starts at 6PM Eastern, or 7AM in Tokyo. Blue Samurai will be looking to play more aggressively, having only managed one goal by Honda Keisuke against Ivory Coast, which just fell to Group C leader Colombia 2-1.

Photo by Javier Soriano / AFP Photo

One thought on “2014 World Cup: “Jitaku iku katsu ka””

  1. I really do hope they will win (keeping my fingers crossed). I’d love to see a bit more of the Blue Samurai (^_^)

    PS: I think it might be easier to say 勝つか帰る (勝つ= to win; か = or; 帰る = go back/go home)

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