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When Akira of all people, drops Manaka’s pendant into the sea, Miuna dives in to get it, and she learns the truth: Manaka loves Hikari. It’s a truth Tsumugu already pretty much knew five years ago when Manaka told him, but swore him to secrecy. Learning Hikari’s love isn’t one-sided is a painful blow.


It’s a blow she insists on bearing, and she wants to add to the pain, in a effort to make her feelings for him so painful, they come to a point where she can “throw them away”, which is a pretty awful thing to do to oneself, but I can’t really see an alternative, unless…


Oh, right: unless the Ofunehiki follows the same pattern as the last one, the sea god sends storms that throw people from the boat, and one of those people happens to be Miuna. I knew from the updated OP (absent this episode—way too much ground to cover!) that she could end up the next sacrifice.


That this possibility became a reality—for the moment, at least—it’s a hard pill to swallow, though I won’t argue that it was a pretty inevitable thing to happen. But the look on Hikari’s face as he bangs on the barrier that encases her, we get the feeling he’ll be just as restless with Miuna down there as he was when it was Manaka.


Her ending up down there just feels…wrong. She deserves the chance to live a normal life and find happiness with someone else, or to even try to win Hikari. Even if she’s in there thinking “this is what’s best for everyone”, I’m sure there’s an equal part of her that doesn’t want to be the sacrifice any more than we do.


Meanwhile, perhaps bouyed by Sayu’s confession, Kaname is a much less pouty fellow these days, even going so far as to relay to Tsumugu Chisaki’s feelings for him. Tsumugu then tells Chisaki everything he’s learned, and like Sayu, may have finally gotten the in he needs. Chisaki is still averse to being “the only one who’s happy”, but she doesn’t pull away from Tsumugu’s embrace.


But lets assume she finally stops lying to herself and lets herself love Tsumugu. That means four of our seven main characters are on the right track. All that leaves is Hikari, Manaka, and Miuna to sort out. Will Manaka’s feelings return? Will Miuna really stay down there? Will the global cooling cease? Will the rest of Shioshishio wake up? We’ll find out in the next episode; the final leg of an immensely moving journey I’ll dearly miss.

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5 thoughts on “Nagi no Asukara – 25”

  1. Having just finished this series a couple of days ago, the FEELS are still strong within me. This episode was great and hard to watch at the same time. I’ve always liked Miuna and ever since the “Protector of Smiles” episode, where she holds the flag so that Hikari won’t get lost, I’ve been rooting so hard for her, especially as she developed and matured throughout this second half.
    Learning that Manaka loves Hikari, Hikari telling Miuna that he loves Manaka, and her ending up on the bottom of the sea while thinking of her love for Hikari was just a triple dosage of punches to my gut. How can you not cheer to this girl…..

    1. I’m glad I waited until the whole series had aired so I could savor the second cour at my own pace, not having to agonize from week to week. Honestly that stress would have made it tougher to watch other shows last season!

      1. Many people found the second cour weaker than the first, namely in terms of pacing during some episodes. When you marathon a series, this effect tends not be so noticeable, especially when a series carries such a big momentum like this one did when the timeskip happened.
        Of course this has a side effect of getting the watcher a bit overwhelmed when it’s such an emotionally involving journey.
        I admit I still hold a rather bitersweet feeling regarding Miuna’s unrequited love. Even though I knew she didn’t really have much a chance, Hikari’s desperate rescue efforts in ep 26 still kept that glimmer of hope shining. Alas it was not meant to be, and while I’m glad she somehow came to terms with it, it still left me a bit wistful. I guess that speaks volumes about how strongly the show got me attached to her character.

  2. The final scene felt like a puinch in the stimach. They did an amazing job developing Miuna’s character, like she were a real person. You can feel her pain, when she tells Hikari to say thah he loves Manaka. This episode left me with sadness for the whole week.

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