Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – 04


Tatsuya’s actions in the Kendo Club fracas have already earned him a reputation within the school, and when he meets with Mibu Sayaka, rumors swirl about the two. But Tatsuya is far more interested in other rumors, such as those surrounding an element at Magic High being influenced by Blanche, an anti-magic terrorist organization.


When Mibu clarifies that she wants him to join the coalition of anti-magic clubs being organized, it’s as if he’s being courted by the other side. While Tatsuya himself is a victim of the systemic discrimination that led to the the Blooms and Weeds (which not doubt mirrors a similar rift in society outside school), he remains noncommittal, but will be watching Mibu’s actions closely…as others seem to be observing him (that doctor’s visit was pretty foreboding).


Tatsuya’s immersal into all this thick political soup started with his breaking up of the Kendo club brawl without the use of magic, or at least a type of magic generally used. This has been a pretty talky show from the start, but aside from one brief scene of a failed accosting, Tatsuya essentially walks from room to room having discussions the whole episode.


As a result, the episode on the whole, while attempting to build up intrigue, comes off as a bit of a chore: divulging all this info is necessary for later payoffs, but nothing particularly interesting happened here. During some of these scenes Miyuki demonstrates her fierce loyalty to and affection for her brother, as well as her intense jealousy at the mere mention of him getting friendly with another female, which sets off her “Ice Mode.”


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2 thoughts on “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – 04”

  1. Mahouka’s light novel readers say the current arc is the slowest, and mostly serves as infodumping/worldbuilding by the novel’s author before the more exciting stuff in later arcs/ novels. (the Enrollment arc spans the 1st 2 volumes).

    It’s more of a reflection of the author’s then-unpolished writing skills, since he originally wrote Mahouka as a web novel sans proper editing.

  2. the ‘jealous sister’ gets angry and passively floods the room with magic cliches didn’t help either. For me, this ep encapsulated all my concerns with watching the show from the beginning: past the rendering quality, the world isn’t that engaging — and even if it was, we have to view it through an utterly generic high school who likes who lens that has nothing to do with the dark mystery ostensibly tying the whole show together. blegh.

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