Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – 01


It’s 2095, the world map has been redrawn and three billion people died in WWIII, and yes, people are still classist dicks to each other! Hooray! At the National Magic University Affiliated First High School—a suspiciously fancy and hoity-toity facility considering the world blew the shit up not too long ago—administrators decided to split the classes into elite “blooms” and lowly “weeds”, giving the former fancier insignia to go along with their inflated sense of superiority.


It seems like a pretty silly idea as opposed to, oh I don’t know, just having separate schools for the two courses…but whaevs. Brideing the Blooms and the Weeds are the Shiba siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki, who are often mistaken for twins because they’re so close—both in age and intimacy. Seriously, no Oreimo-style tsundereness on display here; Miyuki is super-caring, affectionate, dutiful sister who greatly admires her big bro and doesn’t like it when he’s slighted by family or enrolled as a reserve. They may be too close, but if Tetsuya minds, he doesn’t let on. Their quasi-romantic behavior is played up for mild laughter throughout.


I’m not going to lie: not a whole lot happened this week aside from the show laying out the world’s history, introducing the cast, demonstrating how magic works (it’s a man-made technology here) and setting up future alliances and conflicts. But I also can’t really pick out any glaring flaws; the execution was very polished, with even wide shots of masses of students fully drawn and colored. Ishida Kana did a great job with Aquarion Evol’s female characters, and I’m digging his character designs and classy uniforms here as well, esp. the way the girls’ skirts bear different patterns based on their magical focus.


There’s also a nice low-key futuristic quality to Iwasaki Taku’s subtle score. I see promise in Miyuki being torn betweeen the two classes, the triangle between Tatsuya, Miyuki, and perhaps Shibata, as well as the playful aggression between Erika and Leo. And Tatsuya’s way of equitably diffusing the fight at the end with his analytical adeptness shows he’s not just a punch-and-kick kinda protagonist. Oh, and hey, nobody’s trying to assassinate anyone!


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  1. It’s explained in the light novels that there simply aren’t enough magicians and magical engineers to run that many schools, and that most magic schools don’t even have the “second course” option as a result. The students in Tatsuya’s class were surprised to see that lady walk into their classroom because they were under the impression that they wouldn’t even actually have a teacher. But yeah, they glossed over that in the anime. They sort of went over it in the couple of short chibi specials explaining the universe that were released a while ago, but they should have also mentioned it in the episode itself. Hopefully they will address that next week.

    1. The lavishness of the school threw me off, but yeah, the shortage of experienced faculty makes sense.

      I also liked that Tatsuya did his best to explain the situation to the authorities in a way that wouldn’t implicate at the Blooms or Weeds; I hope it’s not his only attempt at peacemaking.

  2. Just finished watching this episode, and I have to say: Good Job!
    So far, they did a great work with the adaptation. I hope the quality won’t drop since the potential of the light novels is still hidden.

    1. I definitely agree with you. I don’t think the quality will drop, thankfully. I’m not the hugest Madhouse fan, but they are pretty good when it comes to animation, and Mahouka Koukou is definitely one of the big shows of the season. Of course, that is no guarantee. Shingeki no Kyojin suffered from some questionable animation at times, after all. But SnK’s faults were mainly due to scheduling errors. As Mahouka Koukou is being made by an experienced studio (the aforementioned Madhouse), rather than a new company (like Wit Studio, which did SnK), I think it will be fine.

  3. “Oh, and hey, nobody’s trying to assassinate anyone!”- *spoilers* I read the light novel series and honestly out of all the other arcs in this story you would have been right but whatever, liked the review anyway. :)

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