Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – 13 (Fin)(?)


Well now, that was something completely different! This final episode wrapped up the story we’ve seen so far, but towards the end felt far more like the set up for a sequel than the closing of the book. Whether this sequel is a sure thing or merely wishful thinking on the part of the shows’ creators, we don’t know. But if you were going to be content with a single 12-episode season and went into last week thinking that would be the final episode (like we did), this felt a bit strange and extraneous.


We’ll admit it was pretty cool to finally see what the world of PIlot’s Song looks like: something like one of those goofy-looking fountain things you can by at a garden center. We kid; it’s actually a pretty far-out design, much like Last Exile’s hourglass world. But the show didn’t show the slightest sign of caring about any of this until just now. But what was going to be a one-way journey became round-trip thanks to the Holy Deus Ex Machina Empire, so Kal, Ari, and the rest of their class who survived the battles return home to a hero’s welcome.


Watching Kal and Ari reunite with their awesome family was nice, but we were less interested in Ari continuing to hide her secret love for her adoptive brother, preferring to keep it bottled in and lashing out when she gets nervous. We’re not saying she’d be any better off if she confessed to Kal, as he’s pretty deeply in love with someone else, but like this episode itself, her unrequited love feels somewhat extraneous. Rather than pine for someone she can’t have and be cast as a loser and victim of fate, why not make her as determined to see Ignacio again as Kal is to see Claire?


As for Kal’s whole coming-out-as-Karl La Hire speech to the assembled masses (which appear to number in the hundreds of thousands) and his spearheading of a second Isla Plan, well…the idea that he’d convince Balsteros to start another war just to get his love back, and the quiet sneaky classmate being some kind of informant…it’s just a piling on of plot there’s no time to get into. That suggests a sequel, when we’re not sure we really want one. Basically, we were kinda looking for closure, but what we got almost felt more like a “To Be Continued.”

Rating: 6 (Good)
Average Rating: 7.615
MyAnimeList Score: 7.33

2 thoughts on “Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – 13 (Fin)(?)”

  1. cant even call this episode “Good” … so much pointless yuck going on here:

    1. No core resolution (what the heck was the point of crashing the island into the wall anyway??)

    2. New and pointless side plots that are also no resolved (counter attack, spies)

    3. The awful and pointless call backs to the elite wolf and gull pilots, who we don’t know and don’t care about them being shot down)

    GAHHHH! such a stupid series that failed to be anything more than half ass dressing wrapped around a “What if WW1 troops had Opreys and had to fight WW2 planes?” LAME

  2. All I can say is…
    Would any normal citizens be happy to send their sons and daugthers off to another war just because of a prince’s love? Mind you, its a prince who was overthrown…Surely a right minded person wouldn’t even have considered it. Besides the argument to go was pretty…half-assed..

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