Noragami – 12 (Fin)


Noragami turns in a decent but unspectacular finale that provides relatively sufficient closure but doesn’t quite deliver the same emotional or visceral impact as Yukine’s ablution. For one thing, watching two angry guys swordfight just isn’t as visually impressive as the ablution; also, the fact that Hiyori is mostly just sitting/lying around this week, though ironically had she not shown up at all, Yato might not have beaten Rabo.


Most importantly though, this battle didn’t hit as hard because we never really cared about Rabo. He’s significantly less interesting than the more puckish Nora, and kinda comes off as that lame old friend yelling “You changed, man! You used to be cool evil!” at Yato constantly. We were far more invested in Yukine’s fate, and appreciated the fact everyone had to put aside their baggage and chip in to help save him. There’s no redeeming Rabo.


Rabo ultimately just had a death wish, and wanted someone who remembered him to end his life that had become meaningless because no one else did. He also seems to figure out pretty late in the game that the key to getting Yato as angry as possible is by hurting Hiyori. About her: even though the memory orb shatters, she gets her memories back on her own, thanks to Yato’s smell. Scent being the sense most tied to memory, this kinda makes sense.

With Rabo taken out and Nora again masterless (we imagine she and Soul Eater’s Excalibur would get along famously), Yato begs Hiyori to cut her ties with him an Yukine. Not surprisingly, she flatly refuses. After all, the girl who can break out of a powerful shinki’s spell and beat the crap out of a calamity god for being too close is not the kind of girl to end her two most meaningful friendships just to live a “safer” life.

7_very_goodRating: 7 (Very Good)
Average Rating: 7.667
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  1. This was a pretty tepid ending but that’s kinda par for the series. A few Yukine moments aside, Noragami just didn’t deliver anything memorable. For goodness sakes — the rivalry between yato and Lady Death Nazi in the opening credits isn’t even a thing beyond one relatively bland episode.

  2. Noragami’s anime director said in an interview that they chose to focus on Yukine’s arc from the manga because its details are vital to understanding how future arcs work, especially Bishamon’s arc.

    Given the limited number of episodes, they decided to use this Rabou arc for season closure, which was also supervised and written by Adachitoka, Noragami’s manga creators. 

    If a season 2 is made, your team can expect to see Yato vs Bishamon, and learn her story.
    Also, the bit where Nora mentions Father is an ongoing plot in the manga.

  3. If they ever make a Season 2, your team will see more of Bishamon vs Yato, and the true story of her grudge against him.

    Nora’s mention of Father is an ongoing plot point in the manga. All I will say is that Father is connected to the masked Phantoms that Nora sent against Hiyori in episode 10. There’s still a lot of interesting story left!!

    Also, Noragami’s 2nd bluray will come with a mini manga featuring a young Yato hanging out with Rabou, in ancient times. I’m sure someone will translate it soon enough.

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