Friday Music – Kill la Kill – “Before My Body is Dry”

Following up on Monday’s Ragyo theme, we have Ryuko’s, which is, arguably, even more epic. For the record, we like both; their glorious over-the-topness matches the show perfectly.

But while “Blumenkranz” is a song about resigning oneself to the fact the world is cruel and not knowing what’s real, “Dry” is an upbeat ballad about not giving up. Its lyrics are in English, too, sung by Mika Kobayashi. (The “Don’t lose your way” refrain comes in a 3:21.)

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Friday Music – Kill la Kill – “Before My Body is Dry””

  1. KLK’s OST is fantastic, and this song’s my favorite of the bunch. Something about it just screams epicness and it seems to fit with everything. A friend and I actually had this song playing during a PowerPoint presentation, and it’s crazy just how perfect it was. Hiroyuki Sawano just never disappoints.

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