Weekly ED: Deadman Wonderland

We liked Deadman Wonderland, though we thought it ended without resolving a few things we would have liked to see resolved. Like Danganronpa, the characters were stuck somewhere where they essentially had to fight to the death, only there were no trials, and the character design was more conventional.

Anime seems to have a love affair with slowly spinning Ferris wheels, and the ED of this show had one too. This show was dark, horrific, bloody, and sometimes downright cruel and sadistic, so it’s an interesting (but not unappreciated) choice to give the ending such uplifting, hopeful, wistful music (“Shiny Shiny” by NIRGILIS).

The Ferris wheel – which could be a symbol of the characters going around in deadly circles, unable to get off – it’s so beautiful in the sunset, combined with soaring, emotional vocals you forget that wheel is part of a demented death factory. As the credits roll, we see the characters in their past lives, most of them better times.

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