Weekly OP: Space Dandy

Space Dandy has had various criticisms leveled against it: it’s trying too hard; it’s not as good as Cowboy Bebop; it’s too “American”, and indeed its MyAnimeList is hovering around a rather unimpressive 7.5.

But even if it isn’t as universally beloved as we thought it would be, the fact remains it’s pulling away from the rest of the Winter on our Big Board, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything it’s thrown at us.

The first episode was the weakest, in our opinion, with the show indeed trying too hard establishing its footing and be something for everyone. Now it’s confidently, joyfully humming along, tackling a new focus each week and has yet to disappoint with the execution.

Space Dandy’s OP, in a bit of a holdover from that first episode, is similarly unfocused and broad and has the overall look of the inside of a loud, gaudy pinball machine. But after getting brief glimpses of the three main characters’ rooms, the OP’s aesthetic makes sense: it’s what Dandy’s room is like.

Meow has the Lain-like cave room; QT has the antiseptic mod sci-fi room, and Dandy’s is a bright, colorful mess of skin mags and ephemera. And the theme (“Viva Namida” (ビバナミダ “Viva Teardrops”) by Yasuyuki Okamura), while a little derivative and busy, is nonetheless funky, catchy and passionate.