Weekly OP: Spice & Wolf

We’re still on our Ghibli high (both from Poppy Hill and from the surprising Super Bowl commercial for the Maserati Ghibli; no relation), and so this week’s OP is from a show that we felt tapped into the Ghibli magic of a totally new, same-yet-different world, where the emphasis isn’t on fighting villains, but on cultures, systems, ideals, and the journey. Later shows that follow this formula with success include Maoyu and Sunday Without God.

Spice & Wolf is also interesting in that its two seasons were produced by different principal studios (Imagin for the first go, Brains Base for the second). This is the OP for the first season, an enticing invitation to be absorbed into its lush world. Fittingly, the name of the song by Kiyoura Natsumi is “Tabi no Tochu (旅の途中)”, or “Journey,” and is suffused with wistfulness and anticipation.