Pupa – 01


Well, this will be brief! Pupa is about a guy whose sister sees red butterflies one day, meets a puppy that turns into animate viscera that attacks her, and then she sheds her human skin and becomes a vicious man-eating demon. Any questions?

We have some. For one, why is this show so damn short? If this was an attempt to make something compelling as possible in as short a time as possible, it didn’t quite succeed. There wasn’t enough time to set up any kind of drama or suspense, and we can’t be expected to recoil at gore if it’s censored.

We also entered this thinking Ise Mariya would be the voice of the older sister, but the sister turned out to be a brother, and Ise’ll probably only voice the younger him in some future four–freakin’-minute episode. Oh well, that’s what we get for not doing our homework.

Rating: 4

2 thoughts on “Pupa – 01”

  1. I hear pupa was done as censored shorts since it was the only way Japanese TV networks
    would even accept it airing on their timeslots. Particularly due due to its source manga gore/incest subject matter.
    Its Blu-ray release in March will uncensor everything, if that is any consolation. :)

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