Weekly OP: Koimonogatari

Every Monday, starting today, we’ll be sharing a Weekly OP or ED that we like. It could be from a show we’re currently watching, watched long ago, or never watched. Note that the videos may not hang around forever, since we have no control over them. 

This week is the final arc in Monogatari Series: Second Season: Koimonogatari or “Lovestory”, a shining example of blending old and new animation styles and a retro song evoking a superb feeling of nostalgia. 80’s Senjougahara and Kaiki rock!

2 thoughts on “Weekly OP: Koimonogatari”

  1. This opening was such a fantastic surprise after not having any opening at all for Onimonogatari. I really liked it from the first time I saw it but it’s even better after understanding its significance with Koimonogatari. Pretty much everything from Koimonogatari was brilliance for me to begin with. Not sure which I like more, this OP or the one from Otorimonogatari.

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