Coppelion – 04


Ibara, Taeko, Aoi, and Shiba chase the stealth bomber(!) in a rundown jeep(!). It attacks them with missiles and machine gun fire(!), but Ibara finds a soft spot in its radar(?) and brings the plane down with an RPG. It lands in a lake where the girls discover the Yellowcake Corp. is dumping foreign nations’ nuclear waste. Shiba, who they left behind due to the radiation, wanders to a shrine and takes off his mask(!), but Ibara finds him, shoots him with aether(?) and is able to get him to the helicopter in ten minutes to get another dose in him to stop him from dying(??). He gives the girls of all the survivors still in the city.

Sorry for the snarky punctuation above, but  wow, that was a lot of crazy, ridiculous stuff going down in one episode! And yet it still lagged. Let’s start with the frigging stealth bomber chase, shall we? The 1997 flyaway cost of a B-2 Spirit was $737 million, and it’s cruising speed is 560mph. Yet this episode would have you believe that while it’s flying in the sky, someone in a rickety old jeep (top speed on a road not littered with debris? ~80-90mph) could take it out with a properly-placed missile. It also wants you to believe that it would have difficulty taking out said jeep, even if it was armed with missiles had machine guns, which B-2s aren’t…because they’re bombers, not fighters.

But let’s put aside the fact that nothing about the stealth bomber made no sense, aside from its mission as a stealth dumper of nuclear waste in an already-contaminated area (they’d be able to haul more than 100 barrels of the stuff in a B-2). The girls leave Shiba behind because they’re entering a heavily contaminated zone. Then he inexplicably wanders off and removes his helmet, defeating the purpose of leaving him behind? Didn’t he say before he was willing to face the music for what he’d done? The last nail in the coffin was the ticking-clock sequence, which featured and actual on-screen clock…for some reason. And Ibara’s frequent mood swings just come off as poorly-defined characterization. We can’t connect with her or the other two girls, because there’s so little there.

We won’t deny this series looks pretty good (if a bit washed-out, like K was). But when a series frustrates you this much, and you don’t look forward to next week’s episode, it’s probably time to stop watching.

Rating: 4
 (Fair) (Series Dropped)

6 thoughts on “Coppelion – 04”

  1. Given you have currently dropped 2 series to date, does your team plan on picking up any others?
    I heard Tokyo Ravens and Galilei Donna might have some potential to them.

    1. To be honest, the reason we have to drop some series is so we can focus on the better ones, so unfortunately we probably won’t be taking anything new on.

  2. I have to agree with you there, I gave it a chance last week to see if it would get anywhere and it let me down once again. i can’t take these girls and their emotions, this plot that goes nowhere, and idiocy like that bomber scene and time clock scene just takes the cake. I mean, I know little to nothing about the military, and even I know a bomber doesn’t act that way. Why even use a bomber if that’s what you were going to do with it? Just use an old fighter plane or jet.

    Anyway, I don’t care, I’ve dropped this.

  3. Probably the biggest letdown of the season. This could have been a dark, fun, ride, but it’s just, stupid and boring.

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