Oreimo 2 – 16 (Fin)


After Kyousuke and Kirino graduate from their respective schools, they are confronted by Manami, who has come to fight Kirino for Kyousuke. She comes right out and calls their romance disgusting and threatens to tell their parents,. After several blows are exchanged between her and Kirino, Manami confesses to Kyousuke, who turns her down, saying Kirino will always come first. She slaps him and leaves. Kyousuke and Kirino get married in a chapel and exchange a kiss, and then go back to being normal siblings, as they decided on Christmas Eve.

We knew Manami was going to be upset when she learned about her betrothed going out with his little sister, but we had no idea she was going to be such a badass in this final episode. She beats Kirino up and pours a big ‘ol glass of cold water all over the pair, telling them all the stuff no one else had up to that point. Her scolding falls on deaf ears, not just because Kyousuke had chosen Kirino, but because unbeknownst to Manami, their romance was always going to be a temporary one, and just wasn’t quite over yet. What Kirino whispered to Kyousuke was that once they graduated, they’d put their romance to an end and continue on as proper siblings.


This begs the question: if that romance was temporary, what purpose was served by having Kyousuke burn his last bridge with another girl? Why break so many hearts to confirm to  Kirino that her brother would destroy his entire love live six times over if it meant just a few fleeting months as her “lover?” Was it really worth ruining so many of his friendships to have a pretend wedding and a chaste kiss, only to drop it all right afterward? The extensive fallout really doesn’t seem worth it, even if the conclusion (they didn’t actually become  lovers) was a foregone conclusion (this isn’t siscon eroge).

So the series ends on a logical, if somewhat awkward note, having backed Kyousuke and Kirino into a corner and callously discarded legitimate love interests for a fling that didn’t and wasn’t even supposed to last. But while Kyousuke’s unwavering devotion to fulfilling his little sister’s selfish whims often frustrated and even maddened us, we won’t deny we were also greatly entertained and at times downright moved by his many exploits over the last two seasons.

Rating:7 (Very Good)

2 thoughts on “Oreimo 2 – 16 (Fin)”

  1. The ending made the entire series pointless…

    So many broken hearts and ruined friendships over a temporary arrangement and I have serious doubts that they will be able to continue as just ‘normal siblings.’ Kyousuke’s past actions indicate that, if Kirino ever has second thoughts, he’ll abandon any future friendship/relationship to appease her. Definitely not series that I’ll ever re-watch

  2. I remember waiting for the final volume to release and the controversies it stirred. Many were disappointed and those who were pleased were also a bit disappointed. As for me, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending as this.

    I don’t think the issue at hand should be the sacrifices Kyousuke made. The hearts he broke? He would’ve broken them regardless of whether he got together with Kirino. If he didn’t accept Kirino there’s still a chance that he won’t accept everyone else who confessed to him because he didn’t have any desires to be with them in that way. While he did exhibit interest (who wouldn’t, we all have our temporary crushes) in them, his interest is rooted from his attraction towards Kirino (otaku side of Kirino = Ruri, model side of Kirino = Ayase).

    Their temporary relationship ruining their own relationships with others is something to be considered but their relationships with others were never destroyed. Their friends forgave them and their parents never found out so that was never a problem.

    Rather, the whole convenience of it should be the biggest concern about their relationship. How easy it was for them to get together, how easy it was for others to accept it, and finally, how easy it was for them to break up. When you bite into the forbidden fruit, aren’t you supposed to be compelled to finish it up, not stop suddenly and be able to restrain yourself from finishing it up?

    THAT was what befuddled me and still does to this day. (I knew the writer had narrative problems but not this obvious and bad.)

    He’s selfish but he can’t be expected to make the choices that make everyone else but him happy. I rather have a selfish character than a selfless one, imo. Selfless people in real life drive me insane as is, let alone in an anime where annoying instances are amplified to a ridiculous degree.

    I liked this series because of how ridiculous but somewhat realistic it was. It made mundane moments fun and the characters were strangely likeable (maybe it also has to do with the fact that OreImo is an anime/light novel I started in middle school, thus gaining nostalgia brownie points). It did meander a lot in its plot and characters but the ending was decent enough for me.

    After I’ve come out of my disappointment and grown to appreciate it that is.

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