Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince – 18


Klein survives Suruga’s first blast. Kei and the pit crews’ ships help recharge his cannon while Izuru, Asagi and Tamaki keep Klein and his support at bay. Izuru and Asagi are able to pin Klein down, and Rose 3 kamikazes her AHSMB into him, with Tamaki ejecting at the last moment. Suruga fires the cannon at Rose 3, and Klein is destroyed. Dorgana’s fleet withdraws. As Team Rabbits rests and their AHSMBs repaired, the Wulgaru hold a meeting to decide their next course of action. Later, Radha overhears Jiart and Lumes discussing Teoria. They frame him for treason, then pursue and kill him.

Thanks to Team Rabbits, the Dobermans, and some very un-Wulgaru-like sacrificial tactics, humanity lives to fight another day, if only just. Their victory this week is Pyrrhic, as the GDF fleet is in tatters and all of the Rabbits’ AHSMBs were virtually destroyed; all to take out arguably the weakest and stupidest Wulgaru commander in Klein. If Lutiel had her way and the remaining commanders launch an all out attack on Earth, humanity wouldn’t have a chance. But interestingly, the fact that they successfully take out Klein actually makes the Wulgaru a bit antsy, preferring to sit back and wait for their wounded prey to succumb on its own.

With the political bickering going on between the economic powers, that’s probably the safer choice; bereft of a common enemy, they’ll eventually turn on each other – it’s just what we do. Yet it’s because these “primitives” managed to not only take out Klein and hold them back, but fight on almost equal terms with Jiart that fascinates him so, and why he and his loyal subordinate Lumes want those human genes now more than ever. Still, every day they waffle in their plans to conquer Earth is a day earth, the GDF, Team Rabbits, and his sister Theoria have to prepare their defenses, making the ultimate battle that much tougher.

Rating:7 (Very Good)

Servant x Service – 06


In the first half, the manager Momoi wants to interact more with the newcomers. He spends time individually with Hasebe, Yamagami and Miyoshi, who also meet his daughter Kanon. Hasebe is worried about Touko not having any friends, but Kanon is one such friend. In the second half, Miyoshi’s daily interactions with Mrs. Tanaka, Touko and Momoi wear her down into a beginner’s slump. Hasebe lets her vent, but she ends up depressing him. Tanaka asks her to marry her grandson, but after advising the others, she turns down the offer as tactfully as possible.

Among other things, this episode underlines how everyone ended up working as civil servants at the ward office for different reason. Yamagami, perhaps the simplest character due to her insufferable innocence, simply wanted to get a good job so she could afford as many books as possible (she loves to read). Hasebe’s father was in this business, and he had nothing else going on, so he ended up in it too. Miyoshi was in the middle of grad school, but her parents tricked her into coming home by lying about her father’s health. Considering how Miyoshi ended up at this job, and how stressful dealing with the people she has to deal with can be, we’re not surprised she was the first of the three newbies to consider quitting, if only for a moment.

She’s even given another reason: one of her clients wants her to quit so she can marry her responsible banker grandson, which might give her an opportunity to return to her studies. She politely refuses, but Mrs. Tanaka hasn’t given up. In addition to fleshing out Miyoshi’s situation and giving her a potential out, it also, strangely enough, shows that despite his surface sheen, he isn’t entirely happy with his situation either. Which means Yamagami is the only newbie totally happy with where she is and what she’s doing…though she’s also there to confront the one who allowed her ridiculous name pass…

Rating: 6 (Good)

Free! – 05


With 48 days until the prefectural tournament, the Iwatobi Swim Club needs to train to build up stamina. Gou finds a training regimen from the old swim club that involves swimming between deserted islands. The Club has no budget, so they have to rough it. Makoto provides camping equipment, and Sasebe agrees to take them to the islands with his squid fishing boat. They aim to complete the 4-kilometer circuit three times, but only get halfway there on the first day. In the middle of the night, Rei goes out by himself and gets caught in a storm, and Makoto swims out to rescue him…

Sometimes it’s not enough to just go through the motions. Sometimes an adventure is called for. If you can’t afford to train at a 50m pool, then why not make things interesting by traveling to an island chain and training there on the cheap? That’s what Iwatobi does, and for the record, it looks a shitload more fun than Samezuka’s regimen in the stuffy-looking indoor pools. Leave it to Free! to make swimming between islands, which isn’t easy, look like one of the most fun things in the world…especially if pizza and mackerel is waiting for you on the shore! It’s not all shits and giggles, though. Makoto clearly has an unpleasant past with the ocean.

Someone must’ve died, and Makoto was either traumatized as a result, or feels responsible for that death. and when Rei is caught at sea in a storm, it’s as if Makoto is being tested again. Rin almost accidentally makes Gou privy to that traumatic event. When she bumps into him, sees that he cares about Makoto, then heads back to the other four guys, Gou wonders about why the five of them aren’t together, and why her brother says he cares more about beating Haru than swimming with his old friends. Maybe he’s moved on, or maybe he’s trying to renounce those old bonds as relics from a life when he was weak and unaccomplished.

Rating: 8