Valvrave the Liberator – 09


L-elf organizes military drills for the students, and when Cain’s Dorssian fleet attacks again, Module 77 has a sturdy defense prepared. However, Haruto and Saki are lured out of position, leaving the module vulnerable to attack by a second Dorssian fleet. Inuzuka and Yamada both contract with the blue and yellow Valvraves, respectively, and fight the fleet. Inuzuka deflects the Dorssian’s main cannon and destroys it; Cain retreats. Back on the module, bound for the neutral Moon, L-elf learns that Takumi is a JIOR soldier, and the entire module and everyone on it was intended “for the Valvraves.”

Well, it wasn’t that hard to predict, but the two people we figured most likely to be the next Valvrave pilots – Inuzuka and Yamada, both resigned as humans and joined the ranks of Haruto and Saki on Team Valvrave. Doing so proves beneficial for Module 77, as the other two pilots fall for a very easy ploy to draw them away from the thing they’re protecting, and if it weren’t for Inuzuka’s Valvrave shield, New JIOR would have been toast. He and Yamada waste no time exhibiting the power of their Valvraves, which if anything seem more powerful and dominant than the red and green ones, at least up to this point.

It’s good to see L-elf’s genuine efforts to whip New JIOR’s long-useless student body into something resembling a disciplined fighting force. If nothing else it keeps the kids busy and focused. But more interesting is the revelation that Module 77 has always been one big facility dedicated to the development of Valvraves and, potentially, their pilots as well. Now there are four Valvrave pilots who have already proven mostly capable of protecting their new nation, suggesting that while things may not have unfolded exactly as the Valvraves’ creators envisioned, their experiment is proceeding apace.

Rating: 6 (Good)

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  1. Sorry, but i have seen you people calling (in more than one occasion) the pilot of the green Valvrave as Rika, while she is called Saki Rukino. Just saying

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