Spring 2013 Schedule


After two weeks, we’ve finalized our Spring 2013 schedule with nine shows, including Winter carryover Chihayafuru 2. It’s got some nice symmetry to it: three episodes on Friday flanked on either end by two and one-episode days. Monday and Tuesday are the down days.

Note that the days above are when we plan to watch and review the shows. The schedule may not always go like clockwork, but usually it will, and we can only humbly ask your forgiveness if and when we’re late with a review due to staring at sakura trees.

We apologize if some of the series on our Season Preview list didn’t make the cut, but we were hoping to keep this season’s watchload to under ten series to ensure we can spend enough time with each series and don’t get too confused with all of the casts.

We also feel we have a little of everything: sci-fi, fantasy, school, romance, optimism, and darkness, as well as an eclectic range of artistic styles. Here’s to an entertaining Spring 2013 season!