Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince – 01


Team Rabbits is a group of underachieving GDF AHSMB (mecha) trainee pilots who don’t gel well and score poorly in training exercises. When a huge Wulgaru (alien) fleet attacks the GDF’s forward base at Undina, they are sent into active duty in real-deal AHSMBs; each pilot given a specific role. Their mission is to simply buy enough time for Undina’s forces to evacuate, but they notice civilians were left behind, and they stand their ground. They do enough damage to force the Wulgaru fleet to retreat.

This series immediately immerses us in the middle of a heated space battle, and we’re thinking “alright, this could be cool.” Then we start seeing characters in the quite-unmistakable style of Hirai Hisahi of the excellent Gundam SEED/Destiny saga, and we take in their snappy interactions and very simple but well-defined personalities and we start warming up to it. Like Gundam, these are mecha pilots whose circumstances lead them to accomplish great things. Unlike SEED, these guys start out as slackers, who haven’t yet figured out how to work as a team or fully exploit their innate talents.

But whether it’s beginners luck or something just clicking, all five of them rise to the occasion when it matters most: when lifes are depending on them. They even go beyond the call of duty when they realize how awesome their new mecha are. They end up surprising everyone, including themselves. Color us surprised, too: while the characters have that unique, simple look of Gundam Seed, this is a fully modern series with suitably up-to-date production values. When the real fighting begins and the misfits find themselves in the big leagues, the pace quickens and after some initial disorientation, the team finds a groove and goes for it, which seems to be what their commander Simon was hoping for. But mostly this outing was just flat-out FUN.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

Stray Observations:

  • While the characters look very Gundam SEEDy, they’re way more lively and free to show goofy emotions, which they do in rapid succession.
  • At the same time, the space procedural operations-speak Gundam is known for is here in force during deployment sequences and lots of lingo, although not an oppresive amount of it.
  • The episode is also very efficient; Vividred insisted on showing each of its girls transforming individually; this one shows everyone launching at the same time in a 4-way split screen, multiplayer-style. More of this.
  • The bad guys are pretty one-dimensional so far, but that’s okay.

3 thoughts on “Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince – 01”

  1. Okay, after finishing the whole episode, I have to say that while it has some promising factors: animation, music, cgi. etc. The writing and plot is stale and boring. We have generic alien villains, generic military, generic special forces…its all looking like one big generic fest!

    All the characters look and act like 50 cent versions of their Gundam counterparts. We even have our 35 cent Char clone who’s commanding the main ship (at least he’s seems interesting.)
    The main team seems to be made up of cliches: the brainy one, the dumb girl, the emo one…sigh.
    Even the MC is a boring photocopy of your worst Gundam leads. He’s like a mix of Shinn and Uso.

    Also, unlike other mecha shows, there is really nothing special about the main team, in fact they are totally incompetent and don’t even have good teamwork. In a real war situation they would already have gotten themselves, each other, AND their charges killed. The ending was idiotic and forced, why in the heck would these 5 idiots be able to stop the enemy when the ENTIRE military force wasn’t able to? And also, those people they were trying to save on the base, did any of them even appear to be in danger. They were simply strolling along as if this was just another day in the park. That’s just lazy, animators!

    The battles were okay, nothing special. I actually thought the main ship’s crew more interesting than the 5 idiots (yes, I’m going to keep calling them that). I’ll watch another episode or two, but this show is really close to being dropped. 2.5/10 for me.

    1. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but:

      “Also, unlike other mecha shows, there is really nothing special about the main team, in fact they are totally incompetent and don’t even have good teamwork.”

      This seems natural. It’s the first episode. It gives the show room for character development.

  2. So that”s why they all look alike much like in SEED. Hirai Hisahi in involved in here again. Dropping series.

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