Tamako Market – 11


Word spreads around the district that Tamako is a “princess”, but she’s more excited about winning a medal for filling 100 order cards throughout the years. Her dad is sour about the entire idea, and Mochizou isn’t altogether ecstatic either, especially, when Tamako gets to chat briefly with the prince via Dera. After Mochizou tells her if she’s happy, he’s happy, and Anko sleeps with her, Tamako wakes up to find the medal gone. In the street, it is handed to her by none other than the prince.

As one of the shopkeepers says to her dejected dad, Tamako is very good around the house and with the mochi shop. But that doesn’t mean that everything’s going to stay the same forever. Even if she herself doesn’t want to leave yet, one day she may. No one, not even Choi, knows exactly what the future holds. We certainly don’t, after an episode that’s all about how everyone reacts to the biggest change yet: Tamako moving away to marry some weird prince. And to be fair, no one – not her dad, Anko, Midori, Kanna, Shiori, or Mochizou, saw that coming.

Of course, a lot of smaller changes have already taken place in the course of the series: When Dera arrived, that was certainly change; but it didn’t really shake anything up, because he was the one sticking around, in a new life. For everyone else, it was the same old life. In fact, now that he’s a fixture of the household. But Tamako leaving? That’s a change that scares everyone close to her, and her most of all, especially because she doesn’t know exactly how she feels or should feel about this, and no one has satisfactory answers, because it’s her life.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

2 thoughts on “Tamako Market – 11”

  1. As the hopeless romantic in the room, I’d like to see Tamako and the Pince talk and since he’s not all hot and bothered about custom, that he comes to Japan to go to school and take the time to know Tamako better, raising the specter of all kinds of love triangles, misunderstandings and *cough*second season*cough*. Of course if Choi has a mole under that neck ring of hers…..and she’s usually 98% right, she could be missing the boat that it’s her, not Tomako. I can dream!

    1. Hmm…Choi did say pretty clearly that they’re not related, didn’t she? Interesting…

      As useless as he’s been, and against all odds, we’re still routing for Mochizou; she and Tamako are just too perfect a match in the classical sense.

      Meanwhile, our cynical side believes this will be the third-straight KyoAni series we’ve watched (after Haruhi and Hyouka) with a less-than-satisfying romantic payoff. It’s nice that they don’t always go with the obvious happy ending, but it would be nice once in a while.

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