Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 11


Hyoubu and Andy locate Walsh, and make him show them the location of Yugiri. He leads them to the bowels of a USEI installation, but it’s a trap. Saotome tells them they have to “administer” espers in order to prevent Ihachigo’s prophecy of catastrophe led by Akashi Kaoru in the future. Hyoubu and Andy are able to escape as PANDRA members show up to help, but when they travel to New York, where they find a reprogramed Yugiri who defeats them one by one.

This week, Hyoubu reunites with PANDRA, Andy chooses a side, they learn that Saotome’s still alive (somehow), and the USEI’s plan for espers, manage to escape a maximum security military installation, and did we mention a pro-esper mayor is elected in New York? Yeah, that last one is kinda out of left field; apparently meant to be a hint that the foretold destruction of mankind will occur there. The idea is, that if given equal rights, espers will cause the apocalypse. Unfortunately, Hyoubu and Andy’s escape is downright ludicrous.

There’s a scene during their escape when all of their opponents helpfully stop firing for a very long time…for no reason. The mini-security drones are laughably inept, and the human commandos have abysmal aim.  Combined with the routine twist of Yuugiri being re-programmed by USEI to attack espers and the convenient reappearance of PANDRA’s sub in the knick of time, this episode is a bit of a mess: more concerned with packing in as much plot and action as possible without regard to pace and plausibility. When the baddies are this stupid, it neutralizes the peril. Though we do like how Kaoru is prophesied to be the harbinger of doom.

Rating: 5 (Average)

2 thoughts on “Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 11”

  1. Have to disagree. Loved the episode, and so what US soldiers are no better than Star Wars stormtroopers in terms of never being able to hit anything? It’s a common enough trope.

    Anyway, there IS an explanation for PANDRA’s sub. In episode 6, the Catastrophe and the submarine separated. Majority of the crew went with the sub to the Middle East, where they were going to pick up a group of new recruits. That’s why in episode 9, there were only children and civilians on the ship. All the others were either with Hyoubu or with the submarine. I’m guessing it took it awhile to get back to Japan and then to take the rest of PANDRA to America.

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