Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 09


The USEI launches a massive, multi-pronged attack, using UAVs to distract Hyoubu. Assault teams armed with ESP-nullifying ECM devices board the ship, but Patty stops them from getting to the children. The director, Andy’s boss, boards the Catastrophe and captures Yuugiri. Andy tries to stop him, and is shot, but the bullet is stopped by his necklace. Hyoubu manages to hold off the USEI barrage long enough for Magi, Yoh, and Momiji and Patty to transport the children to safety. Andy manages to jump off the Catastrophe as it explodes and sinks.

After two episodes that essentially spin off the spinoff by going back to Hyoubu’s tender youth, this week the present returns with unyielding force, and PANDRA is dealt a serious blow. Andy betrays his new family by de-cloaking the ship, opening it up to bombardment. Naturally, when he sees the USEI boarding the ship and hunting down espers, he objects (because he has a moral compass), but it’s out of his hands now; he served his role as puppet, and has to either watch the consequences unfold, or rebel. Watching the Catastrophe go down and the evacuees escaping by the skin of their teeth wraps up a shocking series of events.

It’s amazing how swiftly things go so very very badly for PANDRA. But most shocking is that even with his Unlimited power, Hyoubu can’t put a dent in the onslaught before him. It doesn’t help that he’s close to death, and has an attack right in the middle of battle. Now relieved of their floating haven, with their leader reeling and perhaps their most powerful child in enemy hands, tough times are ahead for PANDRA. It makes us wonder if their plight will lead to them allying with BABEL, who you can’t really call their nemesis at this point. It’s normal humans like Andy’s evil bigot boss who are the nemeses.

Rating: 8 (Great)

One thought on “Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 09”

  1. This was an awesome episode, probably the best of the series so far. Hyoubu was excellent and Andy was awesome, despite being a total pawn and an idiot. Just the epic scope of everything…Hyoubu going against the US armada…the complete, heartbreaking destruction of the Catastrophe…PANDRA being taken down at every turn, just wow! So is Andy NOW going to join PANDRA? He has to help them get back the I-go and Yugiri, its the least he can do. And having once been one of the USEI, he probably knows where they’re taking her.

    Also, did the guy in the shadow look familiar to you? Hyoubu seems to know him. I wonder…really old, glinting glasses, shares a past with Hyoubu…could it be?! Dun, dun, dun!

    I highly doubt that PANDRA will join BABEL. While BABEL did want to save PANDRA from its fate, they were simply going to arrest them all and send them to jail. (If you see the original show, several members from PANDRA are actually jailbirds, including Hyoubu himself.) I highly doubt that they will go to BABEL when they will just imprison them, so the PANDRA refugees will most likely regroup and join back up with the the rest of their members before searching for their leader. It will probably take a while before they find a new home. They only stole the Catastrophe at the end of the original series from a bunch evil guys who were involved in the trafficking of espers, They had no such haven before that, so I think they will probably be resourceful enough to find a place to take the children and regroup.

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