Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 06


PANDRA’s next mission is to steal an ECM while in transit, but Andy decides it’s time to execute the mission the USEI assigned: to take the Catastrophe’s source of power: the brain of Ihachigo, a soldier who died in the war. The USEI instructs BABEL to distract PANDRA but not to deploy the Children. When Hyoubu smells a trap, he’s stopped by Kaoru (acting on her own), whom he defeats with his Unlimited ability. Andy races back to the Catastrophe, but Hyoubu is waiting for him.

Hyoubu appears to be near the end of his rope, and yet he still finds the theft of some random piece of technology to be worth his swiftly dwindling time. Still, the mission turns out to serve as a rather useful test for Andy, which he fails. Hyoubu knew he was an undercover agent all along, but maybe held out some hope that he’d come around, after seeing what a warm family PANDRA is. Andy is at least half-esper, after all, making him at least halfway on Hyoubu’s side…right?

Wrong. Andy’s on no one’s side. He joined the USEI so he could “be himself”, even if he still hasn’t grasped exactly who that is. While he sympathizes with Yuugiri and the other esper children and civilians, the hard truth is, Hyoubu wants to exterminate the normals. That’s genocide, and Andy won’t have a part in it, so he does his duty. Things go pretty smoothly at first, but he didn’t count on Hyoubu shaking off all of the diversions so soon, nor did he know Hyoubu was even on to him. Now he’s made his choice, and Hyoubu means to kill him for it.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

2 thoughts on “Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 06”

  1. OMG !! So, glad there is at least someone watching this ah-mazing winter series. This episode was really quite good and can’t wait for kyousuke background to be animated, now that’s gouing to be exciting!! So, thank you, japan for this Ah-mazing show and Rabujoi to blog it. :)

  2. Actually, it seems that Andy USED to have no side, however, it was apparent in this episode that the USEI agent is having an internal war within himself. He wants to be accepted, but neither normals nor espers seem to want him…that is, until PANDRA. Now, he’s been accepted within this family of espers who are becoming his family, and it’s shaking his foundations. Andy is going with the easiest route by sticking to his guns, but I have a feeling that he’s going feel the bitterly cold taste of betrayal soon.

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