Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 05


PANDRA is in Tokyo, repairing the ship and stocking up on supplies. While keeping an eye on Yuugiri in Asakusa Andy discovers Minamoto and Tsubomi are watching him. They know he’s an American spy. They want to arrest PANDRA en masse, and want his help in exchange for keeping his secret. The meeting is interrupted when Yuugiri comes afoul of policemen after helping a lost boy with her ESP. Andy arrives before things get out of hand. Meanwhile, on his birthday, Hyoubu sneaks into BABEL to perform medical scans, and learns that he’s “running out of time.”

A mass murderer and an esper savior…which is the true Hyoubu?

Can’t he be both? Hyoubu is a legitimate savior of espers, and they love him for it. When Momiji tells Andy the harrowing tale of how Hyoubu saved her from a certain, cruel death, you can’t help but sympathize with him and PANDRA. But normals despise espers, he despises them right back in kind, and isn’t going to lose any sleep if some normals have to die to save espers, or in service of revenge for their mistreatment. A “No Espers” sign, an ESP detector at fun park, and the normals’ reaction to Yuugiri serves as a stark reminders that distrust and resultant oppression of espers is rampant.

If an esper cannot be used as a tool or weapon for their own purposes, they are simply hunted down. Hyoubu is doing his part to create a world where espers don’t have to fear anything, but it’s obvious that his time is limited. BABEL is breathing down PANDRA’s neck, Andy’s cover is in danger of being blown (even if Hyoubu knows, it’s possible the others don’t), and his medical scans aren’t encouraging. Before returning to the ship for a surprise party that further illustrates his “children’s” devotion and esteem for him, the Major checks in on Kaoru, whom we’re reasonably confident he wants to replace him one day. That day may have to come sooner than he’d like.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

One thought on “Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke – 05”

  1. You really do feel for the espers in this episode, and it does point out that the world is not black and white, no matter how much BABEL wishes it were so. Sometimes one has to kill to protect others, and Hyoubu, being a soldier, understands that.
    I don’t think Andy needs to worry about having his cover blown, as Hyoubu most definitely knows that he’s a spy. However, I’m wondering how BABEL thinks its going to be able to arrest all of PANDRA if 1) they are not all in the same place, as some members are going to school right now, while others are in other countries, 2) Most of those PANDRA agents are high-level espers who will not take kindly to being locked up. and 3) Hyoubu has ALREADY proven that even the strongest esper jail won’t hold him. So how do they propose to hold these espers who have nothing to lose and everything to gain?
    Minamoto acts as if he wants to arrest Hyoubu for his own good, and maybe because he fears the man’s actions will lead to his death. However, I think trying to keep the man captive will do worse and break his spirit. I’ve no doubt that Kyousuke would rather be out in the world and spend his last year helping his people and being free, then stay alive for the next few years but in a prison built by naturals. I honestly think that would kill him faster.

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