Our second favorite OP or ED of Winter 2013 (Video)

While our favorite ED this season by far is still Maoyu’s, Tamako Market’s “Neguse” is no slouch. It features the vocals of Suzaki Aya (the voice of Tamako herself), who while no match for Arai Akino, does an admirable job for a rookie. The vocals are cute and peppy but never get too saccharine because there’s a bittersweet, reflective tone to the theme.

She’s also helped by a very smoothly-produced piece of music by the series composer, Kataoka Tomoko. This is only his second series (the first being Winter Garden, which we haven’t seen). The four-on-the-floor beats and day-dreamy atmosphere reminded us a little of Halcali’s “Tip Taps Tip” (one of our favorite ever EDs).

Add in some reliably lush KyoAnimation, and you have a nice little ED that manages to be both cheerful, hopeful, and contemplative.