Org Charts Winter 2013 Update


New season, new anime, new charts. Of course,  most of these are incomplete. We’ll fill in the characters and their relationships as they appear in the episodes. Note: Dotted lines indicate a former/uncertain/indefinite/suspended relationship.



Amnesia (2/12)

Chihayafuru 2 (2/25)

From the New World (Shin sekai yori) (16/25)

Kotoura-san (2/12)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (3/12)

OreShura (3/13)


Sasami@Ganbaranai (2/12)

Tamako Market (3/12)


Vividred Operation (3/12)


Zetsuen no Tempest (14/24)

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Hyousuke (2/-)

OreShura – 03

Masuzu borrows from Eita’s notebook to write a script for a dramatic presentation between Eita and Chiwa that will make them more popular. They pull it off, and when Chiwa asks Sakagami out, he accepts, and arranges a Sunday movie date. Eita prepares a celebratory feast for Chiwa, but she doesn’t know why they’re celebrating, and doesn’t know why Eita is okay with her dating another guy. Flashback to when she is first released from the hospital before high school. Eita promises he’ll become the top student, become a doctor, and heal her injuries.

After this episode, we found ourselves disliking Masuzu more than Chiwa, and we honestly didn’t think that would happen. Chiwa loves Eita, and not just as a little brother (she’s actually three months older than him). That was clear in the flashback, when Eita’s parents have abandoned him and her kendo career has been cruelly  prematurely cut short. She wants to make sure he isn’t going anywhere, and he assures her he isn’t. (We also learn that he applies himself in high school for Chiwa’s sake.) So they remain neighbors and very close friends, but never anything beyond friends. Enter Masuzu with her fake relationship with Eita, bourne from her possession of his Chuunibyou notebook.

She comes up with a scheme to get Chiwa a boyfriend, but the only boy Chiwa is really interested in is Eita. The two have had a long, wonderful, caring, real relationship, something far more substantial than Masuzu’s selfish, flimsy desire to deflect attention from herself. But the blame doesn’t rest with Masuzu alone: Eita earns some for being so imperceptive to Chiwa’s feelings – despite improving himself for her sake; while Chiwa earns some for not making those feelings clear enough for someone so dense. Masuzu has only exasperated their romantic impasse. And that’s why we don’t much care her right now.

Rating: 8 (Great)