Our runaway favorite OP or ED of Winter 2013 (Video)

There are other pretty good OPs and EDs this winter, but one ED surpasses them all in our opinion. Take the haunting voice of veteran vocalist Akino Arai (who also sung the also-lovely OP to Spice & Wolf 2, tasteful use of voice distortion, blend the ethereal vocals with some surging bass, subtle guitars and interwoven and progress into a stirring rock beat.

Pair it with elegant Renaissance book-style visuals that portray Maou, Yuusha, and other characters, and you have yourself a winner; an ED that perfectly encapsulates the sprawling, legendary scale and peaceful outlook of the series, presaging the adventures that await Maou and Yuusha in the episodes to come.

(Note: we’re not under any illusions this YT clip will last long, but if you’re following the show, we’re sure you know what we’re on about!)