OreShura – 02

Masuzu informs Chiwa that she’s dating Eita. Masuzu wants to help Chiwa become more popular with the boy by inviting her to the hastily-formed “Club for Young Maidens to Recreate Themselves”, or “Nice Self-Creation” for short. She also conscripts Eita. After Chiwa picks her target of seduction, Masuzu suggests she carry a guitar case around, pretending to be an artist. Chiwa fails in her first attempt, but makes an impression with her target’s younger brother. Masuzu reminds Eita that fake boyfriend or not, he belongs to her.

There’s a possibility we’ll look on these first episodes of OreShura with fondness, as they chronicled a time before it devolved into Masuzu and Chiwa going at each other in mutual contempt, or before those other two girls show up to give complete Eita’s harem. But maybe that’s being too pessimistic. Chiwa may not like the fact that Masuzu is dating Eita, but she doesn’t outright hate her guts, and has even agreed to be taken under her wing. We also learn about Chiwa’s back injury that pulled her goal out from under her, and how Eita respects and admires his childhood friend and neighbor for how she’s handled things. It was a nice little backstory that fleshes her out a bit more.

This leads Masuzu to the obvious conclusion that Eita, on some level, loves Chiwa, and not just on the level of a childhood friend. Thus Masuzu uses her body to remind Eita of his duty to her, and the pain he’s in for if he betrays her. Eita continus to be cowed by Masuzu’s looks and forceful personality, and he doesn’t show off his quick intellect as much in this episode as the first. He even lets himself be forced into a completely random club (What is it with these “nothing” clubs?) composed of just him, Masuzu and Eita – despite the fact it’s a club for girls. This is silly, but at least Masuzu and Chiwa’s interactions were downright civil and endurable.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)