Jormungand – 24 (Fin)

Two years after Jonah left Koko, the entire world has been set ablaze by wars and sits on the brink of WWIII. Koko hires Kasper’s men, including Jonah, to guard her as they launch the completed quantum computer into orbit in Kazakhstan. Kasper knows her plan, but he tells her it won’t stop him from selling weapons. Jonah decides to quit, and wanders on his own. Two days later he is in Baku, where Koko and her team are waiting for him. She’ll stop an impending New Soviet attack on the oil fields by activating Jormungand. Jonah agrees to return to her side.

Well, unless there’s a film or another season to follow up, we’ll never see the new world Koko Hekmatyar created, with the help of her hot female scientist friends and merry band of bodyguards. But we’re okay with that. Ending things the very moment she activates Jormungand still leaves open infinite possibilities. Will her way work? Conventional wisdom says no; and so does Kasper. He makes the argument we made last week: people will fight with rocks and sticks if they have to. But Koko is surely well aware of this and any other arguments.

Bottom line: rocks and sticks can’t cause the same mass death and destruction as bullets and bombs from the sky. She also believes putting a proverbial leash on humanity will humiliate them into submission. If they are as nasty, brutish and short as Kasper (and Hobbes) think, there may be nothing Koko or anyone else can do to stop the human urge to wage war. But it’s nice to think that just as two years of watching the world ignite taught Jonah that Koko’s plan is worth a try, perhaps a few years without the use of the skies will convince calmer heads that peace is worth a try.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

2 thoughts on “Jormungand – 24 (Fin)”

  1. everything up to the ending was amazing, the ending sucked. It wasn’t realistic to say the least and honestly do you think her friend is the only one who can make super computer? Besides that we didn’t always use networks or gps to fly planes and there are other possibilities to use. Jormungand could never logically work honestly even giving it the benefit of the doubt it would only slow down war for a few years. Some one smarter will find away around Jormungand and war will go on as usual. Hell in the meantime there will still be other ways of fighting. Like using planes without a network or gps they did it in WWII they can do it now. And hey there’s still something called heating seeking and laser guided. You don’t need a network connection and even the air to cause mass death. Really all she’s doing is killing people for no reason and then getting locked up or just outright killed. If this anime kept to it’s realism before it reared off into left field it would logically come to the conclusion that there was no way her plan would work. And the absurdity of it didn’t even make me want to believe it might work I couldn’t just let it slide. It was a unrealistic and frankly unimaginative way to end it. Honestly I think it would be better if it was just a day in the life of an arms dealer type thing or if she just got into a war with her father. It’d make more sense and be more interesting.

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