Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 19

Concerned with the increasing rivalry and antagonism between research teams, Lt. Orson orders them to participate in an “international friendship meeting” in which they participate in comradrie-building exercises. This boils down to a camping trip where the various flights converge on an Alaskan hot spring and avail themselves of it.

Yeah, not much to say about this episode; the teams pretty much go camping, make food, then strip down either to swimsuits or nothing at all. This represents a new low for Muv-Luv, because unlike other stinkers in its run, there wasn’t even any significant character development in this episode. We already know Cui likes Yuuya and thinks of him as her husband, We also already know Inia likes Yuuya and Cryska grudingly also likes him. We already know Yui likes Yuuya, and wants to cook awesome food for him…

We also already know Yuuya and Leon are not friends. The fanservice wasn’t even that great, as this seemed like a particularly badly-animated episode. Also, Lt. Orson seems to have set up this whole exercise so he could collect video of all the girls in their skivvies. Next week, it seems we can look forward to a recap and a new OP and ED, which we’ve said are fine and shouldn’t be messed with. In fact, the OP and ED were the best parts of this episode.

 Rating: 3 (Bad)

3 thoughts on “Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 19”

  1. This was the stupidest mug luv episode yet. At least the beach arc had character development. This was BS

  2. I have yet to watch this episode, but uh, yah…Muv Luv continues to be…something. Something terrible -_-

    Oh btw, I notice you have my site in your blogroll. Could you switch it to the new one xD

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