Btooom! – 06

Sakamoto, Taira, and an unconscious Himiko are surrounded by Komodo dragons, and Sakamoto learns he can’t use the BIMs of a player he hasn’t killed. They get away, but not before Taira is badly bitten in the leg. The lizards keep pursuing them until they reach a compound near the sea. Unable to climb the rusty ladder while carrying Himiko, Sakamoto uses her hand to activate her gas bomb and heaves it into the forest, dispersing the lizards. After disinfecting Taira’s wound, Sakamoto asks Himiko to explain how she ended up with so many supplies and BIMs. But she’s spotted by another player’s sonar. Sakamoto acts as a decoy, but he is jumped by a dagger-wielding Masashi Miyamoto.

The unlikely triad of Sakamoto, Taira and Himiko is off to a rough start. Komodos very rarely launch unprovoked attacks on humans; most retreat at the sight of them, and use several defensive measures to further avoid contact. They just happened to get cornered by bad-tempered Komodos with no fear of man. It’s only a problem if you’re unprepared, and Sakamoto is, reaching for a BIM that isn’t his and learning it won’t work at the worst possible moment. We’re also a little fuzzy on how throwing a BIM right at Taira and Himiko kills the dragons right next to them without harming them at all. Also, we noticed both Sakamoto and Taira have sleeved shirts. Why they didn’t immediately wash Taira’s venom-filled bite and dress it with the cloth, we have no idea.

Those practical hiccups aside, both Sakamoto and Taira have episodes where they suspect the other has betrayed them, and immediately start to lose their shit and curse their names. When Himiko finally (and conveniently) wakes up, she has nothing but contempt and distrust for her saviors because they’re men, and she’s done with men. Sakamoto turns things around on her and wonders if she’s killed players, and how many. All the while, back in Japan at Tyrannos HQ, techies are monitoring them on camera, to collect data. Sending them away to the island wasn’t just to satisfy the family, friends, or associates who voted for them, but perhaps to make a better game. And they may not be the first batch…this just keeps getting more messed up.

Rating: 6 (Good)

K – 06

Mikoto Suoh keeps having strange dreams where he reaches his Weissman limit and burns the city to the ground, and both he and Kusanagi reminisce about Totsuka Tatara, from first meeting him eight years ago to forming HOMRA together, right up to his death a week ago. Meanwhile, Shiro loses faith he is who he thought he was, as Kukuri doesn’t recognize him, his home number is out of service, and a stadium is where he thought his house was. Distraught, he asks Kuroh to slay him, but Kuroh stays his sword, not yet certain Shiro is a murderer.

This week, in a series of flashbacks that smoothly flow in between the present day narrative, we finally meet Totsuka Tatara, co-founder of HOMRA, self-proclaimed “king’s vassal” to Suoh, and ultimately the murder victim of someone who may or may not be Shiro. He’s a nice and instantly likable guy and clearly the emotional heart and soul of HOMRA; the glue that holds it together. He’s not a fighter (or a skateboarder) but everyone likes him, and everyone is hit hard by his sudden, inexplicable demise.

Heck, we didn’t even see a whole lot of him and we liked him. He’s just so bubbly and upbeat. The result of this efficiently told story of his rise and fall is that we can now assign a personality to the idea of Totsuka that had been floating around; he’s no longer just some anonymous guy. As for Suoh, if he’s literally a ticking time-bomb, we kinda have to wonder why SCEPTRE doesn’t just fly him to the middle of the desert somewhere, where he won’t “change the topography of Japan.”

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

P.S. Awashima likes her Martinis ginny and swimming in red bean paste. We now have to try that.