Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 03

A month of school passes, and the time comes to select clubs. Rikka decides to form the “Far East Magic Society”, giving Yuuta the presidency. He declines, but she doesn’t take no for an answer. She recruits Kumin (adding “Nap” to the club name), her middle school “servant” Dekomori Sanae, and her cat, but it still isn’t enough for club approval. After cleaning a classroom for her, a teacher approves them as a circle. The next day, Shinka tells Yuuta she wants to join the circle (adding “of Summer” to the name), giving them the “Far East Magic Nap Society of Summer” five human members.

By this episode’s end, our friend Yuuta has stumbled somewhat unintentionally into a full-fledged harem, made up of the crazy girl, the crazy girl’s twin-tail friend, the sleepy girl, and the girl voted cutest in the class by the guys, who just happened to be lurking in the bushes late at night just when Yuuta, Kumin and Sanae were leaving. This is a lucky bastard. Shinka – whom he keeps dreaming about in squeaky-clean fantasies – actually seems like she’s interested in all the Chuunibyou crap. So he’s made in the shade, right?

You’d think so. I mean, she’s the cutest girl in his class; the guys have spoken. If she’s into him and his weirdo circle, then why should he care what the rest of his class thinks? He has a harem, even if it is a harem of dorks. But the male leads in the middle of these things always seem to find a fly in the ointment. This development has likely only confused, not clarified, matters for him. It all depends on what he deems more important: having an all-female group of spirited friends who like him for who he was and is (which he has), or achieving the ideal of normality, shedding all vestiges of his Chuunibyou (which he hasn’t).

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

P.S. Another quick but fun duel, this time between Rikka and Sanae. In their imaginations, they’re extremely cool looking, but in reality they’re just rolling on the floor with pushbrooms. It’s moments like that that make us see why Yuuta is so hesitant to return to that kind of lifestyle!