Sword Art Online – 11

Kirito and Asuna get married and are granted a leave of absence from the KBO. They buy a cabin on Floor 22 and relax and goof off. One day they find a small girl they initially mistake for a ghost until she passes out. The next morning she wakes up, identifies herself as Yui, and refers to them as her parents. They travel to the Town of Beginnings to try to find her family, and end up saving a group of kids and their guardian, Sasha, from a gang of Liberation Army soldiers. Afterwards, Yui looks to the sky and passes out again.

Kirito and Asuna get the marriage out of the way, having already pre-consummated. Garfield Heathcliff grants them leave, but not indefinitely, and they enjoy a peaceful honeymoon down on picturesque Floor 22. They choose to have two separate beds – one of them must get the jimmy legs at night! – and while Kirito is asleep Asuna finally professes her love for him and wish that they’ll be together forever. Then he wakes up, but is too woozy to have heard. What we don’t get is, why is she embarassed? They’re married, for crying out loud. I know there are loveless marriages, but this isn’t one of them. If they’re going to commit to this extent, you’d think they wouldn’t be so timid about expressing their feelings, especially considering how fearless they are in other situations.

Anyway, the sister of the girl from Kami-sama no Memo-cho shows up out of the blue (while Kirito’s taking advantage of Asuna’s phasmophobia), and when she woke up, essentially a tabula rasa who calls them Mama and Papa, we could help but wonder – is this how kids are born in SAO? I mean, Kirito and Asuna did do it, and many real-life activities are simplified (which also makes us wonder how quick and boring virtual sex would be…), perhaps this Yui girl is their offspring. Her appearance, after all, vaguely mirrors and amalgam of Kirito and Asuna. Of course, this is just speculation; it’s entirely likely Yui isn’t really related to them, but the fact that something happened with her that caused the whole game to shudder, she’s probably important, whoever she is.

Rating: 7 (Very Good)

P.S. Asuna’s little ass-kicking session was great; we’re glad the Army thugs didn’t yell “This isn’t over!” while turning tail (for once).

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